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ScreenScape5’s incredible design tools help you get the best results, and it’s easy to get started. Take the 48 Hour Challenge and find out for yourself how the latest in digital signage can make a difference for your business.

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What is the 48 Hour Challenge?

ScreenScape works with any HDMI-enabled TV and a standard wifi connection which means switching to ScreenScape is a breeze.

If you’ve been struggling with a clunky or expensive solution, or you’ve simply grown tired of living with ugly digital signage, the 48 hour challenge is for you. There’s never been a better time to switch to ScreenScape and we want to show you just how great the results can be in just 48 hours.

Order a ScreenScape device today, choose overnight shipping, and you’ll see within 48 hours of your order just how easy it really is.

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Digital Signage Before and After ScreenScape

What is ScreenScape5?

A System Overview Diagram of the ScreenScape digital signage system
  • More of What You Need

    At ScreenScape we think a digital signage software platform should offer you more of what you need in an effective solution.

    For starters it should include a plug and play media player that works with any TV and just about any network to streamline and simplify IT challenges.

    Secondly it should include an easy-to-use content management system that offers time-saving media templates, flexible editing tools, built-in infotainment options and a range of automation techniques. Together these components deliver a scalable communications network that empowers your organization to create stunning visuals that capture and hold the attention of your audience wherever a screen is located.

  • Less of what you don’t want

    An effective digital signage platform should also give you less of what you don’t want. That means it should deliver the full value of a professional digital signage network but with lower capital costs, lower operating costs, and an easy way to monitor and maintain your entire network. With ScreenScape there are no unhappy surprises and no hidden costs.

Experience the ScreenScape5 Difference

Dive Deeper

What about content scheduling? What about collaboration? What about automated news and weather? Yes, it’s all there in ScreenScape5. Please head over to and check it out for yourself*. Create your own custom playlist today or request a personalized demo.

*The software is freely accessible online, but you will need to purchase a paid subscription and a plug and play device to begin broadcasting on screens in the real world.

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