Our Devices

ScreenScape Connect

ScreenScape Connect 

A wireless plug & play device that lets you turn a TV into a digital sign through a Wi-Fi connection.

ScreenScape SmartBox

ScreenScape SmartBox

A box-sized alternative to the ScreenScape Connect. Allows you turn a TV into a digital sign through either a LAN (ethernet) or Wi-Fi connection.

Digital signage doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

What You Get:

A plug & play device that turns any TV into a connected ScreenScape digital sign. You also get access to industry leading content management software that makes creating and publishing content easy even if you happen to have hundreds of screens.

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi network, you can use a SmartBox to connect to your local area network (LAN).

How It Works:

Plugging in one of our devices into the HDMI port of a TV turns it into a digital sign. Once a device is connected to the Internet it can be updated, monitored and managed over the Internet using an account at ScreenScape.com. Just create content online, hit publish and viola, your content shows up on all screens connected.

To learn more about setting up your ScreenScape device or updating content, check out our Support Site.

How is Plug and Play digital signage different than Tool kits and Do-it-Yourself (DIY) solutions?

The do-it-yourself (DIY) or toolkit approach relies on general purpose equipment, a tool kit of software modules, and complicated set up instructions to configure a solution.  

DIY toolkits need to be tailored, packaged and implemented by highly trained professionals in order for them to be deployed and activated in the field. One way or another this adds cost and complexity in the setup process and makes for difficult support and maintenance procedures.

Plug and play digital signage uses a simple single purpose device that is ready for use by non-technical, busy business owners – no configuration necessary. This makes for a more cost-effective and scalable deployment process. You take a device out of the box, plug it into any TV, get it online and it just works!