Adobe AIR 23 animation glitch

The latest version of Adobe AIR (AIR 23, released September 13, 2016) contains a bug (#4191283) which causes animations that use a specific ‘2.5D’ effect to appear as a jumble of coloured lines rather than a smooth animation. Adobe has not yet released the upcoming version of Adobe AIR (AIR 24) which repairs this bug.


The latest version of the ScreenScape SmartPlayer for Windows (v released Dec 9 2016) uses Adobe AIR 23 and is impacted by the animation bug. As a result, eleven (11) ScreenScape templates which used the 2.5D effect to animate text and logos instead display coloured lines on the screen.

Automatic resolution

To address this issue, ScreenScape has removed the 2.5D animation effect from all templates. The repaired versions of the templates should be automatically downloaded to Windows players where they are published. The new template versions will resolve the issue.


However, under some conditions Windows players may not automatically download new template versions. For such cases there is a manual workaround.

Manual workaround

ScreenScape users who: 1) use a Windows player; 2) have published one of the affected templates; and 3) have players which do not automatically download new templates versions may observe the AIR 23 ‘coloured lines’ glitch.

This effect is temporary. If you see this error, it can be manually fixed by unpublishing at least one affected content item and publishing it again. This action will force your Windows player to look for and download new templates versions, which will fix the AIR 23 error.

The affected ScreenScape templates are:

  • Alexas
  • Montano
  • Menenius
  • Curtis
  • Mardian
  • Titania
  • Moth
  • Margaret
  • Roderigo
  • Hamlet
  • Pinch
  • Juliet
  • Curio