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ScreenScape makes software that helps businesses connect and control screens over the Internet. Using our simple plug & play device, you can turn any screen into a connected digital sign. Once a screen is connected it can be updated, monitored and managed over the Internet using

If you are a small business that is looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution, you can’t do better than ScreenScape. You simply set up the device and then go to to create and publish content. You can upload an image or video by itself or choose from assortment of professionally designed templates to quickly get your message on screen.

If you have more than one location you may want to set up your own network. Using a Group account your devices can be categorized into any sub-grouping you like (location, audience, language, etc…) to form an organized large scale digital signage network.

Template driven content creation tools make it easy for you and for your partners to create content that is fresh and relevant for each local audience in your network while enforcing consistent brand standards.

What’s our secret? Engineers from ScreenScape have developed the first stick-sized smart device for digital signage. The device is a happy marriage of software from ScreenScape and commercial-grade hardware that together have been optimized from the ground up for a single purpose – to quickly connect and control any screen and add it to a large scale digital signage network.

What is ScreenScape?

For $40 (USD) per device per month you get a device, a powerful yet easy to use content management system, and free training and support. Learn more.

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