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ScreenScape digital signage is a simple way to control the media experience inside your club. Upload a short video or use a Youtube channel to entertain your guests. Promote products, deals, tournaments and special events. Start a conversation and start a buzz!

Digital Signage For Dentists

Going digital means more effective messaging, and more hygienic waiting rooms. Discover what ScreenScape can do to enhance your practice.

New Infotainment – Eco Tips, Pop Quiz, Galleries and more

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A new batch of 16 ‘Infotainment’ templates is available free of charge to all members, as of this morning.

The strong response to our last round of new ‘Infotainment’ items has prompted us to update the collection with new content. A good percentage of our member base are now using Infotainment as an easy way to keep their playlist rotations fresh and their audiences engaged. Today’s update includes:

  • Pop Quiz – a second set of 15 video Pop Quiz (by popular demand!)
  • EcoTips – a selection of friendly tips on how to improve your eco-footprint, on a playful animated backdrop
  • Quotes – similar to the current Quotes, these notable quotables are about Design and Nature
  • Photo Galleries – a selection of photography grouped by subject (Bridges, Trees, Birds, Churches, etc)

Bridges thumbnail-01

You’ll find these new template options when you ‘Create Content’ and select the ‘Infotainment’ collection. This latest update increases the total number of Infotainment templates to a grand total of 80.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their feedback and ideas – keep them coming!

What can Apple TV teach us about Digital Signage?

The impact that Apple TV, and similar device-oriented Internet technologies, have had on the way we consume media at home is well documented.  A mass abandonment of cable television is underway. It’s been dubbed the cord cutting revolution, and it is being led by millennials who grew up in the Internet age and expect their entertainment to be delivered on their terms.What can Apple TV teach us about Digital Signage

What is Apple TV doing that we could learn from, adapt, and apply to digital signage?  

Digital Media Players like Apple TV™ arrived on the market only a few short years ago and yet they have already penetrated millions of homes. Digital signage, on the other hand, which has been around for decades, has yet to achieve this kind of mainstream acceptance. Where consumers are rushing to connect and control their screens to the Internet so they can become masters of their own media universe, business owners, by comparison, seem to be lagging.

Apple TV™ and other solutions in its class, like Roku and Google’s Chromecast, have managed to successfully eliminate the need for complicated hardware and complex installation processes to allow average non-technical homeowners to bring the Internet to their television screens. This trend in consumer entertainment offers insights we can adapt to the commercial world and lessons for digital signage vendors and their customers which lead towards to simpler, more cost-effective, more user-friendly, and more scalable solutions.  We have a new whitepaper that explores this topic in detail.  Some of the lessons are as follows.

  • Simple appliances outperform PCs and Macs as digital media players
  • Sourcing and mounting a TV is not the critical challenge
  • In order to scale, digital signage networks must be designed for average non-technical users to operate
  • Creating an epic viewing experience isn’t as important as enabling a large and diverse network
  • Simplicity and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand

By making it easier to connect and control screens, tomorrow’s digital signage solutions will help more businesses to reap the benefits of place-based media. Digital signage networks will be able to scale more cost-effectively, and businesses of all kinds will be able to participate.




If you are interested in receiving a copy of the whitepaper, you can request one here.


Smart Player for Windows update coming soon

Our recent ScreenScape 4.0 release will by followed by a new release of Smart Player for Windows.

This release will feature a revamped version of Setup for Windows based media players. The release will also include new networking options (e.g. proxy networks, WiFi Enterprise networks), built-in LogMeIn support, and a range of bug fixes.


New Setup Wizard

Setup has been redesigned as a 3-step wizard. Users are guided through a standardised 3 step process every time Setup is launched. The steps are:

  1. Connect a keyboard
  2. Connect to the Internet
  3. Login to ScreenScape account





Embedded ‘LogMeIn’ Support


It’s often the case that the software problem that’s driving you crazy has a simple solution… if only the right person could look over your shoulder and point it out.

That’s why ‘remote desktop‘ software is so powerful. It provides a fast track for new users to get expert help. The trick is to make remote desktops accessible to users who are in trouble exactly when they’re in trouble.

The new setup wizard will have embedded LogMeIn support. LogMeIn is a world class remote desktop solution. Embedded access to LogMeIn will help expedite solutions when users call our Customer Help line. During Setup, users will be able to click on a Support icon and directly enter a code provided by our Support team, at which point their screen will be immediately shared for assistance by a ScreenScape expert.




Who will receive the update?

  • Customers purchasing new Windows based media players from ScreenScape will receive this latest update pre-installed.
  • All customers currently using Smart Player for Windows will see an automatic download of the update when it is released. No action required.
  • There is no update for customers using the Android-based Connect device, or customers still using our older Browser Player software. No action required.

Release Date

Our Engineering team is putting it through its final paces now. We will announce a release date on this blog as soon as the date is set. In the meantime, you can always find up to date information on ScreenScape’s status and maintenance schedule at


Instagram API changes and what it means for you

Recently Instagram made some changes to its API and it has changed the way ScreenScape users can use this popular image-sharing service in their ScreenScape displays.

What changed?
Instagram has removed the “New Media from Feed” trigger.  This triggers when a photo or video is posted to an account you follow.  Read Tech Crunch’s article on reasons for this change here.

Who will this affect?
If you use this “New Media from Feed” trigger your feed will be empty and this content will be skipped in your playlist.

What now?
If you haven’t already, please update your Zap to use another trigger such as “New Media Posted”.  This triggers when a photo or video is posted to your account.  Once updated, your content will resume playback.

Learn more

New Random Image Templates bring Dynamism to your Playlist

We released several new image templates in the Get Started collection that allow for random playback of images within a defined set.  These templates can be quite useful.  They add dynamism to your display and can save you the time and effort of having to manually orchestrate a long, static playlist to feature all your ads.


For example, the “Chester” template as shown above will play five full screen images.  When creating content with this template, you’ll provide three image options (i.e. Option a, Option b, Option c) in each of the five image sections.  One of the three image options will be randomly selected for playback, for each of the 5 image sections, for a total playback of 5 images.

For example, this graphic illustrates a sample random selection of 1b, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5a:


These templates will be helpful for those that would like their image content to vary each time through their playlist.  For example you might use this image pack as a “commercial break” between two dynamic videos.  Because the image pack is randomized, one instance of the template is all you need to create a dynamic block of ads. Over time all images in the pack will be featured.  However, every time the image pack plays it will pick random images from the set. Try it today.


In Search of Scalable Digital Signage

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A new faster Community Map

ScreenScape 4.0 is here!

Today we announced the arrival of another major update to our Saas-based digital signage solution. This one delivers significant performance and scalability improvements to all customers, and it’s available now at no additional cost.

Read the press release
Learn more about the improvements

Understanding scalability in digital signage starts with putting yourself in the position of an advanced user, a busy marketer on a limited budget that is trying to grow an expansive network of screens across hundreds of locations.  Ask a few simple questions and think about the cost and effort involved in scaling up and sustaining the network. Is it easy for me to add new screens? Is it easy for me to keep my content organized and under control? Is it easy to execute my promotional campaigns myself, cost-effectively, keeping content fresh and relevant, optimized for each viewing audience?

You also have to put yourself in our position, the platform provider.  For example, what if thousands were to join the service on short notice? What if all customers were to use the system at the same time?  What if all customers simultaneously published a large set of content to a large set of locations?  With the new release, ScreenScape 4.0, we’ve made massive strides in this key area.

Questions of scalability in the digital signage industry, traditionally have been addressed primarily by adding man power. The early proponents of digital signage maintained a strong separation between the people that owned and operated the businesses where digital signs were to be placed on the one hand, and the so-called technical experts who, behind the curtain, would deploy and manage the system on the other. This set up a linear relationship between the size and complexity of a network, and rising operational costs.

The computer industry provides an example of how systems have evolved to become more scalable, easier to use, offering lower costs and much greater utility in the process. People point to Moore’s law, and rightly so, as the reason why computers have evolved from heavy machinery that only a few experts could operate all the way through the personal computer revolution to current times.  Today’s new generation of mobile and wearable technologies were designed with average people in mind and are now used by millions worldwide. Moore’s law isn’t the only force at work here. The paradigm shift required by systems designers, who had to conceive of new, simplified user interfaces that would be used by average, non-technical business people, was itself a key contributing factor.  This “democratization” of the technology, along with rising ubiquity, is inseparable from the hardware breakthroughs and the new economics that came with the global build out.

The lesson is if you make it easy for average people to use a system then you can start to see the real potential of what they can do with it, and that fuels a virtuous cycle to scale up even further. We are at the cusp of that virtuous cycle in digital signage, but the systems have to become easier for average business people to use, and more cost-effective for the average business to afford.

a picture of ScreenScape Connect

ScreenScape Connect

With ScreenScape Connect we made it easier for businesses of any size to get started with digital signage, or to extend the reach of their network, in a way that is also cost-effective. With this release we’ve made it easier, even for non-technical operators, to manage a large collection of assets and a large collection of playlists so they can better optimize each promotional message across a large collection of screens.

Big thanks to all the people on the ScreenScape team who contributed to this milestone! Scalability improvement and Infrastructure improvements are not always visible on the surface, but we know how critical they are to keep the system humming for our most progressive customers and preparing for the next wave of growth.

Learn more:

Read the press release
Learn more about the improvements