Building a Sheets-powered Template from Scratch

Our Google Sheets App is a powerful tool that connects a Google Sheet, as a data source, to a ScreenScape template which then formats and displays that data on a big screen.  The Sheets app is powerful because it allows you to keep your digital signage up to date, even as the data in the underlying Sheet changes.   Sheets is a pretty powerful tool in its own right and so by connecting your digital signage to a Google Sheet as a data source you can really supercharge your digital signage while automating the flow of data from an underlying data source to a large format display.

Check out the Media Corner video for tips on how to style a Google Sheets powered template from scratch: 

Advanced tip:  Using a middleware tool like Zapier you can port just about any kind of data to a Google Sheet which means, if you have a Sheets-powered template,  this functionality can serve as a bridge to ScreenScape, from just about any system that connects to Google Sheets.

There’s tonnes to explore here.  If you’re looking for more information on our Google Sheets App start with these articles:

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Office Digital Signage For More Effective Corporate Communication

Think digital signage is only for retail businesses looking for a smart way to reach customers? Think again. More and more organizations are discovering the simple yet powerful role digital signage can play in communicating more effectively with employees. After all, a few well placed digital signs around the office can easily be used to deliver targeted messaging to your staff where and when it matters most.

To inspire your own ideas for boosting communication in the office or on the shop floor, here are our 5 ways to use digital signage in a workplace.


10 Tips for Effective Digital Signage Content Creation

Designing for digital signage? With ScreenScape’s built-in Media editor, creating effective digital signage content has never been easier. But what does effective digital signage content look like? It’s beautiful, it’s simple, it has a clear and precise message, and often it’s dynamic and tailored for the local audience. Looking for some help designing for your digital sign? Here are the Top 10 Design Tips for Digital Signage:

Upgrade your Digital Signage with these Easily Customizable Templates

We’re back with some stunning new templates, and another video tutorial, that demonstrate the versatility and ease of use of the ScreenScape platform.  Not an expert designer?  Not a problem!  We did the heavy lifting here. It just takes a few small steps to get your digital signs looking like they were custom-crafted just for you and your brand.

Digital Signage has Never Looked Better – Introducing New Logo Friendly Layouts

This week we are excited to introduce three new “logo-friendly” layouts.  As the name implies a “layout” is an optional playlist feature you can use to apply data-driven graphics to a playlist to give it a structure and format.  When used in combination with a theme a layout can bring a professional branded look and feel to your playlist not unlike what you might see on your favorite 24-hour news network.