Catch, Inform and Activate Your Customer with these Digital Signage Story Templates

Today we’re highlighting a family of three new templates. There is nothing stopping you from using any one of them independently but they’ve been designed to be used in sequence. You can think of these templates as providing a beginning, middle, and end to a narrative or story you’d like to tell. If you’re from a marketing background you’ll recognize how these templates lend themselves nicely to the age old advertising principles of Catch, Inform, and Action (or Activate).


Who’s Got the Best Customer Support in Digital Signage? We do!

G2 Crowd Recognizes ScreenScape for Best Support in their Spring 2020 ReportThe business solutions review platform G2 has just released their Spring 2020 Reports, and we’re proud to announce that ScreenScape is the winner for Best Support in the Digital Signage category. Based on actual reviews from verified customers, the award singles out ScreenScape, from some 230+ vendors in the category, as having received the highest ratings for Customer Support in the quarter. The ScreenScape team strives very hard to provide our customers with excellent personalized support. It’s so nice to be recognized and we definitely appreciate “the love”!

a picture of an award for ScreenScapeScreenScape is also pleased to be recognized for its outstanding customer satisfaction ratings by being named by G2 as High Performer in the digital signage category. Thank you G2!

Professional review sites like G2 and Capterra, which prospective customers may use to discover and compare business solutions, are important to us as they can make or break our professional reputation. If you’re a customer, please consider taking a few minutes to give us a five-star review. We would very much appreciate it!

Simplify Your Message with these Flat Design Templates for Digital Signage

Three new templates have been added to the free template library that comes standard with every ScreenScape subscription. These templates use the trendy style of flat design to convey a message that is simple yet professional. Along with this latest template release we have added a suite of illustrations to the ScreenScape-curated Asset Library. As stock illustrations, these files can be imported to your asset library and then used in any template. This is yet another example of how ScreenScape makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality digital signage content without breaking the bank and without working for hours on it.

Free COVID-19 Templates for Digital Signage

The spread of Covid-19 across the world is causing havoc for retail businesses and for any institution that caters to the public. As a greener, more hygienic alternative to print, digital signage is helping those institutions that remain open to present vital health & safety information in a touchless manner that prevents the spread of disease. For those businesses that are disrupted it won’t be long before travel bans are lifted and people start returning to normal habits like eating out, going to the gym and shopping at retail. If you’re one of these businesses digital signage is a must have tool to reassure the public and kick-start your return to business in what is bound to be a new and modern and hyper health-conscious era. To help in that effort we are adding Covid-19-inspired templates that can be used to educate and inform your customers on the precautions that have been taken to ensure your facility is both clean and safe. These templates are entirely free to ScreenScape users. Check back often as we will be adding these templates to the template library periodically. 


Building a Sheets-powered Template from Scratch

Our Google Sheets App is a powerful tool that connects a Google Sheet, as a data source, to a ScreenScape template which then formats and displays that data on a big screen. The Sheets app is powerful because it allows you to keep your digital signage up to date, even as the data in the underlying Sheet changes. Sheets is a pretty powerful tool in its own right and so by connecting your digital signage to a Google Sheet as a data source you can really supercharge your digital signage while automating the flow of data from an underlying data source to a large format display.

Office Digital Signage For More Effective Corporate Communication

Think digital signage is only for retail businesses looking for a smart way to reach customers? Think again. More and more organizations are discovering the simple yet powerful role digital signage can play in communicating more effectively with employees. After all, a few well placed digital signs around the office can easily be used to deliver targeted messaging to your staff where and when it matters most.

To inspire your own ideas for boosting communication in the office or on the shop floor, here are our 5 ways to use digital signage in a workplace.