18 New Fonts

Today we added 18 new fonts to our design repertoire. Why? … they’re just too awesome not to. Finding the perfect font can really bring your digital signage to life. They subconsciously add emotion and tone to what could otherwise be dry statements of fact.

  1. Dokdo
  2. Shojumaru
  3. Frijole
  4. Bahiana
  5. Monoton
  6. Knewave
  7. Rye
  8. Codystar
  9. Creepster
  10. Slackey
  11. Peralta
  12. Ribeye
  13. Monofett
  14. Akronim
  15. Barrio
  16. Piedra
  17. Miltonian
  18. Fascinate

This takes our font grand total to 65 (and counting).

Have at ‘er, design’ers.

Tuesday Templates – Free Digital Signage Templates

Free Templates For ScreenScape Digital Signage

Updated Every Tuesday

ScreenScape is always working to provide the best digital signage for all our users. In addition to constantly refining our industry leading software and hardware we create between 4 and 8 brand new templates every week organized by industry, holiday or any other theme we can find that will help our users create eye catching digital displays.

Once a template is here it is available for all ScreenScape users.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for free digital signage templates email katie@screenscape.com

Check out this week’s new templates

Here are some of examples of our previously released templates

ScreenScape5 – The 3 Most Important Concepts

Media Corner is a series of video tutorials for our users who are interested in learning the in’s and out’s of our digital signage software.

In this video we review the 3 most important concepts in ScreenScape5: Media, Playlists, and Hardware.

Creating Media in ScreenScape5

Media Corner is a series of video tutorials for our users who are interested in learning the in’s and out’s of our software.

I’m Katie, a Media Designer here at ScreenScape, and I’m happy to share my insight on using our software for your own creations.

In this episode we introduce you to the basics of creating media in ScreenScape5.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications: Messages That Will Actually Get Read

ScreenScape Digital Signage is Perfect for Internal Communications

“The communications gap within institutions has been widening steadily — to the point where it threatens to become an unbridgeable gulf of total misunderstanding.”
~ Peter Drucker

Let’s face it email can be the bane of an employee’s existence. Email overload is real. It cuts into productivity. A poorly written email can be misread, and a well written email can be easily missed. Perhaps that’s why it’s not surprising when the boss hears from an employee they “didn’t get the memo”.