Where does the time go? 4sqday is coming soon! Again we are happy to lend our support to this global event as we have for the past couple of years.

Using ScreenScape, a simple computer and an HDTV you can quickly set up a powerful visual aid to welcome your guests and enhance your 4sqday gathering. Also, by joining the 4sqday group (on ScreenScape), you can automatically receive content updates directly to your screen from the official organizers of 4sqday and thus participate in a live global link-up of foursquare day event sites!

This is a new kind of simulcast of the location-based services variety…and who knows where it could go! In 2011 we had 14 locations participate. In 2012 there were over fourty. With your help we can drive that number even higher!

Learn more

  • For a quick primer and some background on the event please visit last year’s blog entry.
  • You can learn more about the event and how to participate in the global link-up by visiting the 4sday blog here.
  • You can learn more about ScreenScape and how to get set up by visiting our Support Portal or by visiting our Youtube Channel.

Tips & Tricks

Once you get your account on ScreenScape set up, here’s some tips and tricks to getting great content on your displays right away.

Keep it fresh! Use any of our YouTube templates to add your YouTube Channel. That way when you update your channel with the latest videos, your display will be automatically updated.
If you are taking photos of your live event, pop them into a service that supports MRSS and use one of our MRSS templates to automatically update your display as you add new photos. You can use services such as Flickr, ScreenFeed, Photo Bucket as your MRSS source.

Also be sure to add the Foursquare template to remind people to check into your location!

To get you in the mood here’s the live ScreenScape display that’s in our lobby which we’ve pimped out for 4sqday. Hopefully this will spur some creative juices out there!

Finally, follow us on twitter to see how others are using ScreenScape on 4sqday.

From all of us at ScreenScape…Happy 4sqday Everyone!