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There are many benefits of using digital signage in hospitals

5 Ways Hospitals Can Benefit from Digital Signage

November 15, 2019


Digital signage is a powerful tool for hospital administrators. Hospitals are complex and often tense environments. People that are visiting hospitals need guidance and direction just to navigate the place. When a friend or family member is in hospital, sometimes there is little one can do but wait, and wait, and wait. So where does digital signage fit in? To help hospital staff understand the value of using great digital displays to improve the patient experience we put together these 5 ways any hospital or health clinic can benefit from digital signage.

5. Getting to the right place – aka Wayfinding
Wayfinding is a term used to describe visual pointers or cues for helping people to navigate a space. In 2014 Emory University Hospital estimated they lost $220,000 due to patients’ inability to navigate their halls, causing people to miss their appointments. Imagine how those patients felt. Well placed screens showing clear directions can go a long way to keep those visitors—and the hospital’s bottom line—heading in the right direction.

4. Emergency updates
Responding to emergencies is a critical part of hospital life. An emergency can start anywhere and it can spread just about everywhere, and quickly. No communication system is perfect, but informing patients throughout the building(s) about someone or something that poses a danger becomes a lot easier with an effective digital signage system at your disposal.

a digital signage example of a hospital emergency sign

3. Make people feel more calm and comfortable (and distracted)
Waiting rooms are a mainstay of today’s hospitals. Digital signs are an effective means of keeping people informed, educated, and entertained while they are waiting around and this certainly applies to hospitals.

Whatever the reason for a hospital visit, impatience and anxiety can often set in. Digital signage is a great way to distract people from their worries and make wait times feel shorter. Calming inspirational messages, engaging games like trivia, and attention-grabbing videos are some of the ways progressive hospitals use their digital signage to help their visitors “pass the time”.

an example of an entertaining digital display in a hospital

2. Recognize key contributors
Every hospital relies on heroes and heroines to fulfill their mandate. Whether it’s a financial donor, a rock star physician, a compassionate nurse, or even a special patient, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the people that make a hospital function, and a digital sign is a perfect place to recognize their contributions.

an example of a digital sign in a hospital celebrating a staff member's achievements

1. Promotion
Admittedly, this one is a fine line to walk. There are certainly times, and places, at a hospital that a blatant promotion can be considered tacky or insensitive. However, hospitals are institutions that rely on revenue just like any business. Digital signs present a great opportunity to present an offer, to promote an upcoming event, or simply to promote good health. Sponsors will want in on that action, so why not make a little revenue with your digital signage, as long as you can do it in a tactful way?

an example of a digital display showcasing a charity event

Once you start using digital signage you’ll likely discover your own ways to improve communication throughout the hospital. One thing to keep in mind is the scope of the project. You’ll need to know who will be updating the media that displays and who can make changes when necessary. ScreenScape makes that very easy so if you’d like to explore how to adopt a cutting edge system that’s easy to learn and maintain then get in touch and we’ll walk you through a quick 20 minute demo where you’ll learn all you need to know about using digital signage in a hospital.