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5 ways Automotive Dealers Use Digital Signage to Boost Sales

September 5, 2019


Digital signage is not exactly new to the car business but as the technology improves many dealerships don’t realize how far the medium has come in terms of its simplicity, ease-of-use and overall manageability, or just how effective it can be as a sales and customer service tool.

In this article we will highlight 5 of the easiest and most effective ways to use digital signage for automotive shops.

#5 Keep Staff on the Same Page
Typically, the primary reason for a digital sign in a car dealership is to speak more effectively to customers when they’re on site. But, another excellent use of a well placed digital sign is the coordinating effect it can have on employees. Your digital sign can remind your staff of key talking points and act as a ‘silent salesman’ ensuring all staff are up to date on the latest information and promotions.

#4 Cue the Conversation
Just as a digital sign can cue a sales person, it can also cue the customer. For example, by displaying a video that speaks to the special features of a new car, a digital sign tends to influence the way customers ask questions. Even a hint of suggestion coming from a digital sign can greatly focus and speed up the conversation.

An example of a digital signage screen showing automotive shop tire and oil change special promotion

#3 Reinforce brand loyalty
Car dealers work hard to win every customer. If they are successful and those customers return to the dealership on a regular basis to service their car, each of those visits is another opportunity to remind the customer of the benefits of working with your dealership and prepare that customer for their next purchase.

Maybe it’s a photo of your dealer principal making a donation to your local hospital foundation or a video showing off the key features of the newest model vehicles; even though a customer may be returning for an oil change, it’s still a great opportunity to plant a seed in the customer’s mind for their next car purchase. Many buyers are brand loyal so let them know about what is on the horizon before they’re even thinking about upgrading.

#2 Boosting Customer Satisfaction
The presence of a digital sign is an opportunity to educate and inform anyone visiting your dealership. By having ample signage in your new and used car showrooms and near your parts and service counter you can make the most of every customer visit.

Beautiful digital signage can help project a positive image of tech-forward professionalism for your operations and let’s face it no one likes waiting for service. Your digital displays can help to reduce perceived wait times while impressing your guests with entertaining information.

#1 Service Revenue
Imagine that you’ve come in for an oil change. Now imagine you’ve just learned that it’s time for your 50,000 mile check up and that’s a good reminder to rotate your tires and change your transmission fluid. Oh and winter’s coming so don’t forget to check your brakes and replace your wiper blades!

Service advisers are trained to educate and cue customers in this way but sometimes they forget, and there’s always a risk they can come off as pushy. Digital signage near the parts and service counters can significantly increase basket size, maximize revenue, and make customers happier at the same time.

Don’t be shy about using signage to promote service offers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how many people appreciate knowing about opportunities to save money or improve safety.

Progressive dealers invite industry and community partners to participate in their digital signage for fun or for profit.

An example of automotive digital signage content showing a product promotion