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5 Ways to Lift Sales with ScreenScape Digital Signage

May 15, 2019


Digital signs can be used for a whole array of purposes but they are probably best known for their role in on premise marketing, cueing customers, and lifting sales. Whether you’re already using ScreenScape or you’re just getting started here are 5 ways to realize the full potential of ScreenScape to help you drive additional revenue.

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5. Flip the funnel

Flipping the funnel essentially means finding creative ways to turn your customers into vocal advocates for your product. Digital signage can be a very effective tool for spurring happy customers to share their happiness with your product among friends, or online. This is a sneaky powerful way to build your brand around your most loyal customers. Try creating an incentive for customers to recommend your brand to their friends. Give them an opportunity to positively review your product in a public forum. Celebrate your best customers publicly and watch as they share with others how they feel about your brand. Don’t forget to incentivize. Referral discounts are a great way to improve sales and you might be surprised just how effective they can be in bringing in new customers.

4. Education

Don’t just tell your customers you have a great product. Explain to them why it is better in beautiful words and pictures using your ScreenScape digital sign. Even if a retail customer has a good sense of what they want to buy when they enter a store, the choice of brand is often left to the last minute and made on location. Whether you are a retailer or a brand marketer this is your chance to demonstrate your comparative value through an informative and well placed digital sign. In addition to lifting sales, a little education can go a long way towards helping customers to properly use and enjoy a product. That leads to better customer satisfaction and a better chance of the customer recommending your product to a friend.

3. The Upsell

Would you like fries with that? Upselling is the art of convincing customers to buy a little something extra. That something extra is often a higher margin good. Upselling with ScreenScape is about as simple as it sounds. Look for products that accessorize your top sellers. Use your digital signs to promote the accessory, and watch as basket sizes increase.

2. Timely Promotions

Effective digital signage is about maximizing every customer visit. One way to make every visit count is to add a sense of urgency to your promotion. Limited time only sales are a great way to encourage your visitors to make an immediate buying decision. Why put off until tomorrow what you can sell today? Time is of the essence.

1. Monetize

If your organization caters to a specific kind of audience you may want to turn your digital signage into a profit center. It’s easy to do. Reach out to industry and community partners and invite them to participate in your onscreen advertising. Use your digital sign as a co-marketing vehicle and build closer connections with your supply chain in the process. Add a piece of media to your playlist that promotes the location as as an advertising opportunity. You may be surprised by the results. That’s found revenue. If advertising revenue isn’t your thing, consider demonstrating your community ties by promoting a not-for-profit partner.

The Conclusion

Thanks for reading and learning. These are just a few of the ways ScreenScape customers use digital signage to lift sales and drive additional revenue. We hope this list has spurred some ideas of your own.

Almost 90% of all retail sales in the United States still occur in bricks and mortar stores. 76% of purchase decisions actually happen on premise. Perhaps that’s why digital signage has emerged as a popular common-sense way to align marketing with real world sales activity. You work hard to attract visitors. Naturally it’s important to make the most of each visit.