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An example of digital signage in gyms

5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in a Gym

July 15, 2019


These days most gyms have TVs lined up in front of their exercise machines in an effort to keep their members entertained and motivated while they’re working out. What’s on the TV can even affect the quality of a person’s workout. But what motivates one person may end up turning another person off. There have even been a number of gym chains that have stopped showing news networks on their TVs due to complaints from members that the news was creating an environment of negativity. What if, instead of streaming a TV show or movie, you could harness the visual power of the TV with your own content? Create your own programming? That’s where digital signage comes in! Using ScreenScape and its plug and play media player, you can easily turn any TV into a digital sign. Need some ideas? Here are five great ways to use digital signage in gyms.

#5 Motivation & Inspiration
Working out can be hard. From newbies to your most ardent gym goer, everybody needs some motivation or inspiration to keep them going. Help your members stay on track, focused and positive by displaying screens containing motivational quotes, before and after pictures, or member success stories.

#4 Form a Sense of Community for Your Members
For any business, customer retention is king. Building a sense of community among your members can be a great way to help keep your members coming back week after week. Also, a study by researchers at the University of New England has shown that group exercise is more effective than working out alone for relieving stress. We all love events. Promoting group classes, fun runs, group challenges and contests are a great way to keep your membership involved, active and informed.

#3 Entertain & Educate
Working out uses a lot of a person’s resources, not only physically but also mentally. Don’t make your members think too hard while they’re trying to work out. Some light entertainment like trivia and jokes can be just the trick to keep your members going. You can even educate your members with healthy recipes, training tips, and health news while they’re sweating it out.

#2 The Upsell: Promote Products, Classes & Trainers
Have a juice bar? Sell equipment or clothing? Want to fill that Hot Yoga class? Put it up on your digital sign! Studies in the retail sector have shown that sales of products promoted on in-store digital signs increased sales by up to 30%. Display your promotion where it matters most… at the point of sale. Empower your employees and increase member loyalty by using your digital signage to boost the profile of your instructors and treat them like the stars they are.

#1 External Advertising & Community Events
Want to increase your rate of ROI on your digital signage? Sell advertising space on it to third-party businesses related to the fitness and healthy lifestyle industries in your area. Health food grocers, juice bars (if you don’t already have one!), and even physiotherapy or nutrition clinics are all examples of organizations that could potentially provide you with a new revenue stream and can significantly increase your digital signage’s ROI.

Help your members stay tied to their local community by promoting community events. Be a hero and donate some space on your digital sign for nonprofit events like runs for cancer research or open-air fitness sessions.