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5 ways to use digital signage in a hotel

December 12, 2019


Progressive hotel managers know that success in the hospitality business is about making the most of each and every guest visit, fostering guest loyalty, and selling more room nights. From the guest’s point of view this means having a productive, memorable, and enjoyable stay each and every time. From the hotel’s point of view it means maximizing guest spend without compromising the guest experience. That’s where digital signage comes in.

Here are our top 5 ways hotel managers can use digital signage to increase revenue.

5. Services

Their core services may be lodging but today’s hotels and their partners offer a whole range of guest services. The vast majority of these services are actually consumed onsite: room service, spa services, laundry and dry cleaning, concierge service, equipment rentals, the list goes on. These are just a few of the many complimentary and paid services that a hotel might offer guests. Digital signage is an effective tool for communicating the merits of value-added services in a tactful, helpful way.

hotel digital signage example

hotel digital signage example 2 showing use of digital signage in a hotel to upsell massages

4. Keeping guests informed and entertained

Perhaps it’s a promotion for a special event or show that’s playing. Perhaps it’s air travel arrivals and departures information showing a delayed or canceled flight. Perhaps it’s local traffic information or a weather advisory. If you can keep your guests informed and entertained you stand a greater chance of keeping them on the premises longer and a greater chance they’ll spend more at your establishment. Digital signage is an invaluable tool for keeping guests informed, and keeping guests engaged – especially where there’s any kind of wait such as in a check-in line or dwell time such as a lobby or lounge.

An example of digital signage software

hotel signage about emergency work

3. The upsell

It can be tacky for local personnel to be constantly selling to guests. People visit hotels to relax, not to be badgered. On the other hand, how are guests supposed to know about special offers, and complimentary products if they aren’t well informed? That’s where digital signage comes in. Digital signage is an effective tool to cue the kinds of conversations you would like to have with your guests. Like a silent salesman it can promote high margin goods and services and suggest attractive upgrades without being pushy.

hotel digital signage example

2. Top Notch Events

How do you sell more room-nights? Business travel is an important category and for leading hotels, winning over the business traveler is often a matter of putting on top notch events that satisfy attendees while pleasing local, regional and national sponsors. Digital signage is now being used by progressive hoteliers for conventional event signage, for time-sensitive wayfinding support, for recognizing key stakeholders – from event sponsors to special guests – and more. Events turn over quickly and so that demands that your signage be updated quickly and easily on a cost-effective basis.

ScreenScape digital signage sample for promoting conferences

Another conference sign display for screenscape digital signage

1. Monetization

A hotel often serves as a special kind of hub for the local tourism, entertainment and food and beverage industries. For decades local operators have clamoured to own mindshare inside hotels so they can inform its many guests about opportunities to experience the local scene. Instead of using flyers and brochures to convey the message, try something new. Digital signage is a greener, more hygienic alternative to print and easier to adapt to your ever changing audience.

hotel digital signage example for upselling

An example of screenscape digital signage software for local business promotion

Using digital signage in a hotel doesn’t stop there. Hotel managers are always finding new, innovative ways to connect with their foot traffic to book more rooms, sell more associated services, and improve brand loyalty. ScreenScape makes the process much easier so if you’re interested in employing digital signage to optimize your hotel or want to improve upon your existing setup please get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you why our industry leading solution is #1 in digital signage.