Over the weekend ScreenScape released new features that make combining a Display with YouTube Channels much easier.

Why is this interesting?

In the next few posts I’ll take a look at a few use cases where YouTube Channels in combination with a ScreenScape Display make for a compelling value proposition.

Case 1: The Highlight Reel

A cursory search on YouTube reveals that many, if not most, of the major sports leagues have their own channels. Check out the channels for the NBA, the NHL, or the PGA. These leagues make a habit of posting short clips of recent game highlights. Quick picks, Plays of the Night, or Best of the Week – the kind of addictive, of-the-moment content that any sports fan will stop in their tracks to watch.

The average venue operator has a few driving maxims for entertainment content. The content needs to attract eyeballs. It needs to be easy to keep fresh and relevant. It needs to be cost-effective. Posting the latest sports highlights from YouTube Channels hits a home run with all of these needs.

Imagine last night’s “Top 5 NBA” plays on the screen in a crowded pub, followed by your ad targeted to 18-24 year old males. The audience in this venue is more into hockey? No problem. Street soccer? OK. Local athletics? Done.

For example, the Display in ScreenScape’s office lobby is showing current clips provided by the PGA Tour PGA Tour channel, in the lead up to this year’s Masters. [WARNING: Golf highlights are a known allergen to Sales productivity.]

Simple, easy, compelling and free. Interesting for local venues and advertisers alike? You bet.

Coming up – YouTube Channels and real estate…