In our last post about YouTube Channels, we took a look at how sports channels can be used to embed always fresh highlight real videos in your ScreenScape-powered Display. In this post, we’ll take a look at how Channels are being used to keep business related content, like local real estate listings, up to date and relevant.

Case 2: The Latest and Greatest

One of the fascinating aspects of the online world is how the unexpected crops up and becomes the obvious. Who would have predicted that online video would make a great home for real estate brokers?

It turns out that real estate and online video are a great fit. Real estate companies like Century21 have been using YouTube aggressively for some time. Here’s how it works:

  • Local real estate agents take digital photos of a new property as a standard procedure for every listing.
  • Through an automated process with speciality solution providers, these photos are processed into YouTube videos posted under an account for the local office, such as “C21Colonial“.
  • As part of its normal service, YouTube will automatically lists these video under the C21Colonial Channel.

Now that the content is up and freely available online, the challenge is in exposing it to potential buyers. is effective, and linking to the videos from their website is also a big win. But what about offline? How many additional buyers could be reached while they’re out and about in the real world? If you were a real estate agent wouldn’t you love an opportunity to promote your listings on screens inside a local shopping mall, a skating rink, or farmer’s market? And is that a separate marketing effort – or is there some way to get that YouTube content off the solitary browser and on to a screen inside a physical location?

The YouTube Channel support on ScreenScape allows the local real estate office to point their ScreenScape Displays to their own YouTube Channel and automatically play their latest video. This gets their hard won content on YouTube in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

When it comes to local real estate keeping listings current and up-to-date is often a challenge. As properties are sold and new listings become available, data can quickly become stale. With ScreenScape’s integration to YouTube Channels, this problem is solved in one step – YouTube is already a content source where processes are in place to keep things up to date. The Display requires no duplication of effort, no additional process.

In this example we used local real estate videos to illustrate the combined awesomeness of ScreenScape and YouTube Channels but it’s not hard to think of many other examples. Universities, professional sports teams, local media, and not-for-profit organizations, just to name a few more, are becoming well accustomed to using YouTube to get their message out there. Using ScreenScape they can take that message to entirely new audiences inside the places we work, shop and play.