In the first two posts on our recent YouTube Channels update, we took a look at how ScreenScape Displays are being used in combination with sport channels and in industries like real estate.

In this third post, we’ll take a look at how YouTube content producers can make the most of their online efforts by leveraging their content onto ScreenScape.

Case 3: Making the most of what you’re already doing

The real estate case is a great example of a company making the most of existing investments. The end result in that scenario is the realtors now have videos of their latest properties playing on their Screenscape Displays, in front of real world audiences, without the need to do additional work to keep things up to date. The company has already made their investment into the YouTube process, and now they’re maximizing it.

YouTube is full of Channels that fit a similar use case. Content creators, from film producers to big brands to non-profits are all making an investment of effort, time and money. I’m thinking of YouTube Channels like:

What’s the result of these efforts? Who’s watching?

BusinessInsider reports that over half of all videos get less than 500 online views. Less than 1 in 20 make it over the 10,000 mark. In addition, most of these views occur in the first week.

Conclusion? It’s tough getting your content noticed online. And if it doesn’t happen in the first few days, your odds of getting views fall off a cliff.

So why not grab the reigns? Our members are taking their online videos and are showing them to new audiences, offline. An active Display in a busy venue can get hundreds (often thousands) of impressions per day.

Take your videos to as many viewers as possible

If you’re already using YouTube as a means for showing your video content to a mass audience, it only makes sense to leverage this investment. Take your videos to as many viewers as possible while they’re fresh, relevant and engaging. Expose your videos not just to solitary browsers online, but to people out and about in the real world.

And ScreenScape’s Community approach provides a simple mechanism for maximum distribution of this content. It’s a simple step for a member to take a video playing in their own venue and distribute it to Displays all over their local area. Restaurants, health clubs, pubs, theatres – anywhere their potential audience may congregate.

New uses every day

What’s most exciting about the combination of ScreenScape and YouTube Channels is the potential of the unexpected. We run into great new use cases on a daily basis. Auto sales? Antique auctions? Fashion? We’d love to hear how you’re using ScreenScape today to unlock your online content and unleash it on the real world.