Please note: In the time since this posting, ScreenScape has developed the ability to easily add Twitter feeds to your display. Read more about it here.

We’ve discussed in a previous post how to add your Twitter feed to your ScreenScape display. ScreenScape’s RSS widget can use any RSS-compliant feed for its content and so, because Twitter supports RSS, it’s quite simple to push tweets to your screen.

The RSS feed mentioned in the previous post includes all of a Twitter user’s own tweets, but nothing outside of that – not the tweets of others. In this post we explain how you can use Twitter Favorites to push tweets of your choice, including those by any member of Twitter, to your screen.

Say you’re a busy restaurant and commonly have conversations with your patrons on Twitter. Wouldn’t it be great to get those tweets (the good ones) customers are saying about your business onto your display for all of your customers to see? Well you can by using Twitters “Favorite” functionality. By simply marking a tweet as a favorite you can have complete editorial control over what will be displayed on your screen.

Twitter exposes an RSS feed of your favorite tweets. Using this RSS feed does require some manual intervention (marking the tweet as a favorite) but gives you total control over what content appears on your display. If you login to your Twitter account and view the source of the page (new Twitter version) you can see a link to the feed which will look something like this:

<link rel=”alternate” href=”” title=”Your Twitter Favorites” type=”application/rss+xml” />

Doing a simple search (CTRL + F) on the page for “Your Twitter Favorites” will quickly point you to the above line in the source code. So far Twitter hasn’t exposed that RSS feed in a friendly way, but the RSS is getting created for every Twitter account so it just takes a bit of digging for the link.

You only need the actual url in the RSS widget so cut and paste this portion of the above into your RSS widget:

Once logged into ScreenScape

  1. Choose Add Content in the Ticker Playlist
  2. Then choose RSS Feed – Create
  3. Give your Widget a Name
  4. For the Source Name field – You can avoid duplication of your tweets on two lines by adding a longer Source name that’s also audience friendly. Something like “Here are some of the great things people are saying about us on Twitter……” will fill the top line of the news ticker.
  5. Paste the Favorites RSS URL you copied from the source code into the Feed Address (URL) field
  6. Click Save and Close

  7. That’s it. Preview your display – and you’re done. You can customize your tweets to choose the best of your Twitter experience to share with your audience.

    Let us know how you make out, and if you have any questions about setting up your Twitter favorites widget, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team to step you through it. Toll Free 1.877.666.1975 option 2 or