Maximize your Browser Cache

Making a small change to the cache settings on your Display Appliance can improve performance and save you actual CASH in the long run.

How you ask? When you turn on your ScreenScape Display the content it is playing is loaded in a web browser, like Internet Explorer, and it is just like a webpage. That web browser has a cache that is uses like a storage closet for information.

All web browsers have a set folder on your computer where they store website content for future use. When revisiting a web page, if there are no changes, the web browser loads the local copy stored in the cache. This reduces unnecessary data traffic and also makes reloading the same content faster. The result, your content will load and play more fluidly.

A lot of ScreenScape members use rich content, such as videos and images. The default cache size, usually about 50 megabytes, in web browsers is usually too small to retain all of the videos, images and other content.

When a web browser’s cache is filled up, the older items in the cache get deleted first to make room for the new items. If the amount of information in your ScreenScape Display is larger than the cache size on your Display Appliance, then the downloaded items will be deleted before they can be played again, and thus would be re-downloaded.

If the default browser cache size isn’t ideal, it can lead to a congested network and additional bandwidth fees or overage charges from you Internet service provider. Fortunately, cache can be easily increased in Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox. To do so, refer to the support article located here.

Once the browser cache is increased, you will see a marked improvement in the performance of your Display Appliance and a dramatic drop in bandwidth usage by the machine itself. Additionally, if there is any disruption to your Internet service, the web browser will continue to play content for several hours.

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