New feature: Use basic shapes to beautify your media

At its core, good design is the marriage of shapes, images, type and, color. In fact, pretty much everything we read, see or interact with visually is comprised of some combination of these simple building blocks. Shapes? Yes! Never underestimate the power of a simple shape! Read on to learn about a sneaky powerful new capability that allows you to use basic shapes to beautify your media. (more…)

A New & Improved RSS App for Digital Signage

an picture of the RSS iconWe’re pleased to introduce a new & improved RSS News Feed App! This app allows you to build dynamic text feeds right into your media as a way to keep your audiences engaged with dynamic, up-to-date information.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is an industry standard way of pulling serialized content updates from a news source, website or blog, for presentation by a third-party application (in this case a digital sign). For convenience users can choose a popular feed from among a curated list of news sources, or presets, to serve as their data source, or they can copy the URL of ANY valid RSS feed of their choice and paste it right into the App.  The app also supports most Atom feeds as well – which is another format that is very similar to RSS.  The W3C offers this handy tool for making sure your RSS or Atom feed is valid, and we recommend you test your feed there if your own feed doesn’t work on your first try.

The RSS App is very flexible and can be used when designing a new media item from scratch.  However, to give users a head start we’re also releasing three new professionally designed templates that are pre-formatted for displaying serialized text data. The themes are sports news, world news, and blogs. A template is a great starting point, especially for non-designers, and of course they can be easily customized by adding your own custom news feed, by toggling off a few fields, or by changing the look and feel entirely. Keep reading this post to learn more.


New Spring Templates to Lighten the Mood

It’s that time of year again when the flowers start to bloom and we’ve got three new “Spring” themed templates to share, free of charge, with all members of ScreenScape. With little or no customization these can work great for any venue or office space. If you’re feeling creative feel free to add your logo, change the fonts, or play with the colors. To use these templates simply login to ScreenScape5, visit the Media work area, and click on the plus button in the bottom right corner to pull up the Template Drawer.

Catch, Inform and Activate Your Customer with these Digital Signage Story Templates

Today we’re highlighting a family of three new templates. There is nothing stopping you from using any one of them independently but they’ve been designed to be used in sequence. You can think of these templates as providing a beginning, middle, and end to a narrative or story you’d like to tell. If you’re from a marketing background you’ll recognize how these templates lend themselves nicely to the age old advertising principles of Catch, Inform, and Action (or Activate).