New 10x Image Template Allows Hiding Images

Today we released a new 10x image template named “Colton” in the Get Started collection:

This image template allows you to make any combination of the 10 images visible. For example, you may choose to start with only one visible image.  Then, over time, you could add up to nine more visible images to the content item.

This approach requires the creation of only a single content item, published once and scheduled once. Also, since the visible images are in a single content item, there are instant transitions between the visible images.


Instagram API changes and what it means for you

Recently Instagram made some changes to its API and it has changed the way ScreenScape users can use this popular image-sharing service in their ScreenScape displays.

What changed?
Instagram has removed the “New Media from Feed” trigger.  This triggers when a photo or video is posted to an account you follow.  Read Tech Crunch’s article on reasons for this change here.

Who will this affect?
If you use this “New Media from Feed” trigger your feed will be empty and this content will be skipped in your playlist.

What now?
If you haven’t already, please update your Zap to use another trigger such as “New Media Posted”.  This triggers when a photo or video is posted to your account.  Once updated, your content will resume playback.

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New Random Image Templates bring Dynamism to your Playlist

We released several new image templates in the Get Started collection that allow for random playback of images within a defined set.  These templates can be quite useful.  They add dynamism to your display and can save you the time and effort of having to manually orchestrate a long, static playlist to feature all your ads.


For example, the “Chester” template as shown above will play five full screen images.  When creating content with this template, you’ll provide three image options (i.e. Option a, Option b, Option c) in each of the five image sections.  One of the three image options will be randomly selected for playback, for each of the 5 image sections, for a total playback of 5 images.

For example, this graphic illustrates a sample random selection of 1b, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5a:


These templates will be helpful for those that would like their image content to vary each time through their playlist.  For example you might use this image pack as a “commercial break” between two dynamic videos.  Because the image pack is randomized, one instance of the template is all you need to create a dynamic block of ads. Over time all images in the pack will be featured.  However, every time the image pack plays it will pick random images from the set. Try it today.