Digital Signage: The Hygienic Alternative to Print

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Touchless Visual Communications is Now More Important Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has everybody thinking about hygiene and the spread of disease. Many businesses have even stopped accepting cash over fears of spreading the virus. While health and safety messaging has never been more important, it’s now clear that printed posters and brochures are, at least for the time being, no longer safe methods of disseminating information.

Digital signage offers a greener, more hygienic alternative to print. Whether you are one of the essential institutions remaining open, or a business that is trying to get back to business, now is the time to reassure your customers (or your employees) that you are taking every necessary precaution to ensure their safety. Welcome to the new normal. Choose ScreenScape digital signage for a cost-effective and smart way to engage with your audience, safely.

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Who’s Got the Best Customer Support in Digital Signage? We do!

G2 Crowd Recognizes ScreenScape for Best Support in their Spring 2020 ReportThe business solutions review platform G2 has just released their Spring 2020 Reports, and we’re proud to announce that ScreenScape is the winner for Best Support in the Digital Signage category. Based on actual reviews from verified customers, the award singles out ScreenScape, from some 230+ vendors in the category, as having received the highest ratings for Customer Support in the quarter. The ScreenScape team strives very hard to provide our customers with excellent personalized support. It’s so nice to be recognized and we definitely appreciate “the love”!

a picture of an award for ScreenScapeScreenScape is also pleased to be recognized for its outstanding customer satisfaction ratings by being named by G2 as High Performer in the digital signage category. Thank you G2!

Professional review sites like G2 and Capterra, which prospective customers may use to discover and compare business solutions, are important to us as they can make or break our professional reputation. If you’re a customer, please consider taking a few minutes to give us a five-star review. We would very much appreciate it!

10 Tips for Effective Digital Signage Content Creation

Designing for digital signage? You’ll need the right digital signage software. With ScreenScape’s built-in Media editor, creating effective digital signage content has never been easier. But what does effective digital signage content look like? It’s beautiful, it’s simple, it has a clear and precise message, and often it’s dynamic and tailored for the local audience. Looking for some help designing for your digital sign? Here are the Top 10 Design Tips for Digital Signage:

5 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

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The concept of money may be shifting towards digital but the relationships that define the retail financial services experience, the connections that bond a client to their bank or credit union, are as real world and important as ever. Online banking can be convenient, but there are still many banking functions that require a more personal touch. According to a 2016 Fiserve study, sixty-one percent of banking customers visited their branch in the past month, on average just under three times! Surprisingly, millennials visited branches more frequently than other groups. These visits are often to deposit checks, withdraw cash, or speak to representatives — functions that can’t effectively be replaced by digital or remote offerings. Indeed, the in-branch experience matters. It matters a lot.