Introducing Copy/Paste for Styles

The new ‘Copy/Paste style’ feature is a handy shortcut in the Media editor. It allows you to copy the style (formatting) on any layer, and “paste” that style to other layers.

The list of style options is long: font family, font size, color, opacity, background, border, drop shadow… just to name a few. If you’re taking advantage of a these styles options, Copy/Paste will be a welcome time saver for any user making adjustments to your designs.

Say you’ve created a menu. It has 10 food options on it, each with a name and price. That’s 20 Text layers. You’ve got everything juust right. And then you decide to try out a different text color, maybe add a dropshadow… You try it out on the first menu item, play around a bit, and the final result looks great. But – do you really want to repeat your color and dropshadow edits 19 more times, for every text layer? Probably not. So use the copy/paste feature to copy the updated style of the first layer, and paste it to the other 19. Voila.

This can be used on any Text or Image layer. Notably, this feature was created as a result of usability testing on the new Google Sheets app. The Sheets app generates a *lot* of text layers, so the resulting repetitive formatting is a chore. The release of copy/paste lets us also release the Sheets app. Double win.

Media editor improvements

Today we released several small-but-mighty improvements to the Media editor:


You can now hide layers while editing media. This can simplify the process of editing complicated media by getting layers out of the way temporarily. Or it can help in permanently hiding locked layers in Integrations, that otherwise can’t be removed.

Introducing the Embed App

An ‘embed’ is a code snippet provided by another web property, like an app or a web site. You’ll also often hear them referred to as ‘embed codes’, ‘widgets’ or ‘html widgets’. The purpose of an embed is to display ‘external’ information on a separate web site.

The Embed App is an integration available in the ScreenScape Media editor. The app adds a single layer to a media item. The layer (technically an iframe) shows the results of an embed code that’s added to the app settings. Usually that layer contains a mix of content – text, images, maybe even video – embedded by a third party web property.