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B2B Suppliers Choosing ScreenScape Digital Signage

March 8, 2017


Gescan, Fromm Latest Industrial Supply Companies Subscribing to ScreenScape’s Cost-Effective Cloud-Based Digital Signage Platform

Gescan Electrical is one of the suppliers that chooses ScreenScape

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE (March 8, 2017) – One of Canada’s largest electrical products distributors has joined a growing list of B2B supply firms using ScreenScape’s cloud-based software platform to power a digital signage network.

Gescan Electrical is using ScreenScape to promote product offers and profile vendor partners in its retail locations across the country, and also to speak more effectively with staff at its Calgary head offices.

Gescan is a wholesale electrical products distributor – part of the Sonepar Canada family and member of the largest electrical distribution network in the world. The network is running more than 60 screens across 26 retail sites, as well as in Gescan’s corporate offices.

“It really is a perfect fit for a business like ours,” says Wes Penrose, Digital Marketing Manager at Gescan. “Everyday, our customers make important buying decisions right there in our branches. Even if they know what they’re coming in for, there’s a good chance they’ll make a decision right on the spot as to what brand they want to go with, and the digital signage we use in the store and behind the sales counter is very effective in influencing these kinds of purchase decisions.”

“It boosts sales for the store,” adds Penrose, “and certainly for the vendors we feature on those screens. We use it all the time to promote new products and services, and to keep our customers informed about anything new that’s happening around our business.”

Gescan is the latest in a string of wholesale electrical supply companies to move to ScreenScape. Companies already using ScreenScape’s powerful messaging tools include Graybar, Cooper Electric, Rexel, Province Electric, Texcan, Eoff, Bolt Supply and Fromm Electric.

The popularity of ScreenScape in the wholesale electrical and industrial supply industry is in part due to its cost-effectiveness. At just $40 per screen per month, it costs businesses less to use ScreenScape to entertain, educate and motivate customers on premise than it does to subscribe to cable TV.

“ScreenScape provided an attractively priced digital signage solution to control our customer-facing marketing messages across multiple branches of our company,” says Michael Evanko, VP of Marketing, Fromm Electric Supply. “It was exactly what we needed.”

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