We have a brand new look for our most popular 3-panel templates!  These new templates use a floating and un-docked design which allows for a full screen background image to create unique styling.  In addition to a customizable background image all templates also provide weather on the left as well as RSS and logo on the bottom.  The first two templates shown below provide 4:3 and 16:9 image respectively.

017imgFimgCRimgBRwtrLrssB    018imgFimgCRimgBRwtrLrssB

The next two templates below also provide 4:3 and 16:9 image respectively; however, each supports three images.  This allows for a slide-show like sequence of images while the weather and RSS continue to cycle.

019imgFimgCRimgBRwtrLrssB   020imgFimgCRimgBRwtrLrssB

The next two templates below provide 4:3 and 16:9 video respectively.

014vidCRwtrLrssB   015vidCRwtrLrssB

Finally, the last template below provides YouTube video.


These templates also provide the following dynamic features:

Duration:  Allows you to set the playback duration of the image, weather items and RSS items.

Items:  Allows to set the number of weather items (i.e. # of days) and RSS items (i.e. # of news stories).

Logo ToggleAllows you to set the visibility of the logo panel.  When hidden, the RSS panel extends to use the logo panel space.

To find these templates search on “Virgilia“, “Lymoges“, “Emilia“, “Lennox“, “Jessica“, “Boyet“, “Alcibiades” respectively in the template picker.

Here are some examples of how financial services and automotive customers might use these new templates with customizable background images.

117Financial   117Auto2

Have fun customizing these new templates with your images!