This week’s new templates are designed for cases where a relatively large volume of information needs to be communicated at a glance. They’re useful for applications like schedules, room assignments, top ten lists and menus. There are one-column, two-column and three-column variants, each with a header and ten rows. The template shown below is the one-column variant.


The three new templates are part of an ongoing background image series.  Background images may be colors, textures, patterns, people or products and can add contrast and emphasis to the foreground message.

Each template provides a character-by-character animation for the top title.  This title is optional and may be left blank.

These three templates also provide the following dynamic features:

Duration:  Allows you to set the playback duration of the content.

ColorAllows you to choose the color of the title as well as the header/row text.

To find the one-column, two-column, three-column variants search on “Thersites“, “Jamy“, “Adam” respectively in the template picker.

Here are some examples of how fitness and recreation customers might use this template:



Have fun customizing these new templates with your images and text!