We’d like to offer our thanks to Branham Group for naming ScreenScape as one of Canada’s Top 25 Up and Coming technology companies.

Companies are selected based on creativity and innovation in a new technology area or by optimizing existing technology in an innovative manner.

There’s also an article on the subject in the April edition of Backbone Magazine.

    For emerging start-ups in the Canadian ICT industry, there has never been a more challenging time to go to market than in 2009. Although talent pools grew exponentially due to layoffs throughout the industry, the necessary financing to hire teams and build successful business models was next to non-existent this year. The Top 25 Up and Comers highlighted on this year’s Branham300 were not only selected due to their level of innovation, creativity and promise, they were also chosen because of the progress they made in a period of time when the margin for error was extremely small.

Bad economy? Well, I suppose. That hasn’t stopped us from enjoying quarter-over-quarter growth every quarter since our inception. Perhaps our timing couldn’t be better.

View the Backbone Magazine article here.