Innovator in emerging digital, mobile and social communications spaces, Aimia embraces ScreenScape to engage employees.

Aimia offers a global full-suite of loyalty management capabilities, including analytics and insight, channel and employee engagement and event management. Aimia’s unique capabilities include proven expertise in converting frequent flyer programs to coalition loyalty programs and launching greenfield coalition programs. Aimia is a leading innovator in the emerging digital, mobile and social communications spaces. Aimia’s vision is to become the recognized global leader in loyalty management with a significant presence in the majority of G20 countries.
Isabelle Troitzky, Senior Communications Advisor at Aimia, discusses how they use ScreenScape to communicate more effectively with their employees.
What follows is a recently published case study (also available in PDF).
College of DuPage ScreenScape display

In what place or places are your screens?

Screens are used for internal communications across our three Montreal offices, three Ontario offices and our Vancouver office. Screens are currently managed under two accounts. The Aimia HQ account currently includes 29 screens over 17 venues.

What kind of messaging is generally on the screens?

We update the content on a weekly basis and showcase a wide variety of internal messages including reminders about HR information and call to action, administrative information, educational messages about Aimia, information about speaking engagements from our executives, any external piece of news about Aimia and Aeroplan activities that may raise employee pride and engagement. Messages are developed and signed by Corporate Communications.

What are the main benefits you are seeing from using place-based media?

ScreenScape allows us to adapt the content for each office and different audiences within the offices; for example, agents on the phone and management employees. It is also an additional, dynamic channel to increase information and engagement of employees.

What do you like about ScreenScape as a technology?

We like the fact that we can share content with our colleagues from another division who can use it on their own screens. We also used ScreenScape’s design team to develop customized templates that were adapted to our brand.
Another plus is that it is web-based and content can be updated remotely.

How was the experience of working with ScreenScape?

Customer service at ScreenScape is good and the entire team makes sure our satisfaction remains high.

What are your future plans for place-based media?

We are expanding the number of screens with the opening of our new global HQs in Montreal to 29 screens. Our goal is also to integrate all Aimia screens including the ones which are managed under another account so we can centralize content management.

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