Canlan Ice Sports Corp. is the North American leader in the development, operations and ownership of multi-purpose recreation and entertainment facilities. Canlan uses ScreenScape to power Canlan TV. What follows are a few select excerpts from a recently published case study (also available in PDF).a picture of visitors watching Canlan TV

Canlan TV

Canlan TV is a place-based media network that spans 500 screens in 20 ice sports facilities and Thirsty Penguin restaurants. Each year more than 10 million people see a Canlan TV message. Let’s hear what the key people of Canlan say about working with ScreenScape.

Live Display: See what’s playing on Canlan TV right now.


“ScreenScape is a cost effective and efficient sales tool that we use to coordinate all of the promotions we run in our facilities. It provides us with the flexibility we need to direct an event or product promotion to a specific audience at a specific place & time.” – Tim Sullivan, Sales and Marketing Manager Canlan Ice Sports.


Boost National Promotions

“We use ScreenScape to add value to our national promotions. Larger companies and brands that we partner with provide us with their promotional content to run in concert with our own. Based on the increased visibility ScreenScape provides to sponsors, it has increased demand from new partners and from national brands that want access to our audience. This drives revenue for Canlan. – Kevin Ball, Director of Sales, Canlan Ice Sports.”

Complement traditional marketing

“For instance, our partner Coca Cola works closely with all the different media types we have to offer, ScreenScape being one. Coca Cola already runs digital promotions which we can now accommodate and publish on Canlan TV. They also advertise on our walls and in our restaurants with traditional place based marketing. It’s great how place-based media complements and extends the promotional mix that we can offer our sponsors.” – Kevin Ball, Director of Sales, Canlan Ice Sports.


Ease of Use

“People don’t understand just how simple it was to subscribe to ScreenScape. We established our account within minutes. Better yet, when we transitioned from our conventional digital signage platform, we were able to use our existing hardware. That made the transition very easy.” – Tim Sullivan, Sales and Marketing Manager Canlan Ice Sports.

Download a PDF of the Canlan Ice Sports case study here.

Bonus Video: Hear from Canlan directly!