Central Penn College engages students across campus with ScreenScape.

Central Penn College is a private, residential co-educational college in Harrisburg, PA. Approximately 1,500 traditional-age residential and commuter students and working adults attend Central Penn College. Associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are offered for both traditional and continuing education students providing hands-on and online distance education. Stephen Juliano, Central Penn College’s Web Content Specialist, discusses his ScreenScape experience here. What follows is a recently published case study (also available in PDF).ScreenScape display: Central Penn College

In what place or places are your screens?

Central Penn College’s Summerdale campus currently
contains two screens, but we will be adding multiple screens upon the completion of our two new construction projects – The Underground, a student center, and the Health Sciences Building, providing hands-on labs and facilities for our students in our allied health programs. In addition, we have one screen in our Lancaster Center, and one screen in our Lehigh Valley Center.

Live Display: See what’s playing on one of the Central Penn College screens right now.

What kind of messaging is generally on the screens?

The messages are different depending on which screen you are viewing. The two screens currently on our Summerdale campus are located in campus common areas where people are waiting for an admissions counselor or visiting our conference center. These screens provide promotional messaging and videos about our academic programs, safety & security, our cultural immersion/study abroad program, as well as news clips provided by ABC News and the Associated Press via YouTube®.

In our upcoming construction areas, the screens will be used to advertise events and activities of particular interest to students such as fitness center hours, etc.

In our off-site centers, the screens provide promotional messages in addition to news provided by YouTube® channels for local stations.

Messaging is created for ScreenScape by me, but our internal online publication request form does allow faculty and staff to request an announcement or informational piece be placed on the displays.

What are the main benefits you are seeing from using place-based media?

Using ScreenScape for our digital signage has helped us increase our service to our prospective and current students. By providing the families of prospective students something to engage with while their child is visiting admissions for an interview, they have an opportunity to learn more about Central Penn College, and with the inclusion of local news clips, the world around them. Many of our visitors are not from the central Pennsylvania area, so the local news clips help to show what is going on around the College and in the surrounding area.

Our current students will be fully immersed to the ScreenScape platform once we complete our new campus construction. At that time, we are hoping to see increased attendance at student events and activities that will be displayed on the screens.

What do you like about ScreenScape as a technology?

I appreciate how ScreenScape has multiple layers of functionality. While our Marketing Services department has the ability to create fancy motion graphics and full-screen animations that can be uploaded to display on the screens, other staff members who are not as technical have the ability to easily customize screens based upon their content.

Download a print-friendly version here: Central Penn College.