College of DuPage has 10 buildings and 42 screens across campus to engage students and faculty.

College of DuPage (COD) is a two-year community college in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Each semester approximately 28,000 students attend College of DuPage.

Their 66,000 square foot Homeland Security Education Center is the first facility of its kind in the Midwest.

Peggy McCarthy, Information Center Specialist with the Planning and Emerging Technology Department at COD, shares the College’s ScreenScape experience here. What follows is a recently published case study (also available in PDF).
College of DuPage ScreenScape display

Live Display: See what’s playing on one of College of DuPage screens right now.

In what place or places are your screens?

College of DuPage has a total of forty-two screens across 10 buildings on the main campus in addition to 3 regional sites. Most of the displays are located in high traffic areas such as student lounges and other gathering places to get maximum visibility for our messages.

What kind of messaging is generally on the screens?

The messages on our screens are primarily for informing our student population. We use our screens to bring students’ attention to noteworthy items such as campus events, closings, club events, student elections, advising sessions, sport events, student financial aid information, menus, student activities and community news.

What are the main benefits you are seeing from using place-based media?

By using ScreenScape screens to publish our news and events, students are more aware of opportunities that were previously only published on our website or student paper. College information appears at all locations to keep students informed of campus events, club news, and registration dates.

What do you like about ScreenScape as a technology?

ScreenScape is easy to use and the professional looking templates help catch the students’ attention.

How was the experience of working with ScreenScape?

Customer service has always been excellent.

What are your future plans for place-based media?

We are always expanding our use of digital signage! Our arts center was recently renovated and is increasing the number of screens from one screen to eight.

Download a print-friendly version here: College of DuPage Case Study.