Libraries across Prince Edward Island are connected with ScreenScape Digital Signage to showcase 2014 celebrations.

The PEI Public Library Service provides an efficient and effective public library service to meet the needs of Islanders for information, education, and recreation through the provision of access to library resources regardless of geographic location.

Grace Dawson, Branch and Community Services Librarian with the PEI Public Library Service, shares her ScreenScape experience here. What follows is a recently published case study (also available in PDF).ScreenScape display: PEI Libraries
Live Display: See what’s playing on one of their digital signage screens right now.

In what place or places are your screens?

We are currently running one screen in each of the following 8 locations: Confederation Centre Public Library, Cornwall Public Library, Stratford Public Library, Kensington Heritage Library, Montague Rotary Library, Summerside Rotary Library Public Archives Office and Bibliothèque publique Dr.-J.-Edmond-Arsenault.

What kind of messaging is generally on the screens?

The content on our screens is primarily promotions and local events. We are currently advertising special events relating to PEI 2014 in addition to PEI Public Library Service programs and resources. We also publish material from the Public Archive.

What are the main benefits you are seeing from using place-based media?

Using ScreenScape in our libraries has greatly improved outreach. It allows us to advertise our many services and resources to the public in a more effective and engaging manner.

What do you like about ScreenScape as a technology?

It’s so user friendly! The software is straightforward to learn and use, allowing us to create content quickly and easily.

How was the experience of working with ScreenScape?

Very impressive. It’s easy to contact Support staff and they have consistently responded to our questions in a timely manner. Other ScreenScape staff we have dealt with have been great with following up on any issues as well.

What are your future plans for place-based media?

Our plan is to continue to operate screens in our selected sites to promote Library and Public Archives resources and services to our visitors.

Case Study: PEI Libraries

Download a print-friendly version here: PEI Libraries.