Oilstop provides its customers with drive-thru full service oil changes and other automotive services in California, Arizona, Oregon, and New Mexico. What follows are a few select excerpts from a recently published case study (also available in PDF).Oilstop ScreenScape display

Oilstop TV

We have placed ScreenScape powered screens in every service bay, in most of our stores on the driver’s side, approximately 3 feet from each vehicle. We will adding 6 or so new stores in 2014, and most, if not all stores, will have 3 service bays and therefore 3 screens per store. Counting car washes and detail stores, which also have mounted screens, we are currently controlling content on over 40 screens.

Live Display: See what’s playing on one of Oilstop’s screens right now.

Educate, entertain and lessen wait times

“Messaging can be broken down into 3+ areas: (1) Education – for example, why servicing one’s vehicle is important; what does an automatic transmission service involve; Oilstop offers free top-offs, etc. (2) Entertainment – quizzes, famous quotes, Oilstop TV commercials, etc. (3) Wait times – To make the service wait less noticeable/to help pass the time. Utilizing RSS world news feeds, local news and all other content engage our guests.” – Gary Woo, Director, Marketing & Franchising, Oilstop Inc.


First rate support

“The measure of any online technology service company is the level support that’s available. Does someone pick up the phone? Does someone get right back to you following an emailed question? Is the help effective and efficient? How these things are handled can be and often is a deal killer. The staff at Screenscape, however, is first rate, attentive, thorough and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our concerns.”

Future Plans

“We’ll add screens to new stores as we grow. If we add more car washes to our company’s mix, we’ll probably place more emphasis on screens and content in these venues. Oilstop TV was and is based on Disney TV. The level of quality, diversity of content, and with the goal of making one’s wait for a ride less painful, Disney TV is a superb role model. Without the services of ScreenScape, we would not have been able to make Oilstop TV viable.”

Read the full version of the Oilstop case study here.