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An example of how to use digital signage for your restaurant

Catch, Inform and Activate Your Customer with these Digital Signage Story Templates

April 8, 2020


Today we’re highlighting a family of three new templates. There is nothing stopping you from using any one of them independently but they’ve been designed to be used in sequence. You can think of these templates as providing a beginning, middle, and end to a narrative or story you’d like to tell. If you’re from a marketing background you’ll recognize how these templates lend themselves nicely to the age old advertising principles of Catch, Inform, and Action (or Activate).

They are designed to quickly:

  • Catch: Grab the viewers attention with a short and effective statement.
  • Inform: Educate an audience about a product, event or service.
  • Activate: Finish with a call to action that leads to a website, address, phone number, or special offer.

Of course, these new templates may show food and beverage industry examples in the subject matter, but like all of our templates they can be quickly re-purposed using our inherently flexible media editor. They are available now free of charge to all ScreenScape customers. Login now to give them a try, or watch the video tutorial below.

Follow along with the Media Corner to get some inspiration on how you may incorporate this family of templates into your digital signage:

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