Join us at the 2016 Synnex Canada Sales Conference

synnex digital signage logoScreenScape has signed a distribution agreement with Synnex Canada to begin distributing its popular plug and play digital signage solution, ScreenScape Connect, to resellers across Canada, through Synnex’s VisualSolv program.

That means Synnex Canada resellers now have the opportunity to earn substantial gross margins by selling ScreenScape digital signage.  

Reseller may, optionally, choose to also offer their own value-added services, such as content management or network management, which support our customers’ efforts to optimize every screen in their network.   

2016 Synnex Canada Sales Conference

synnex digital signageWe invite you to visit us at the 2016 Synnex Canada Sales Conference Friday February 19, 2016 at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle.

If you are new to ScreenScape you can learn more about our solution by visiting or by watching this video tour.


If you are interested in setting up an appointment to meet with us, at the conference, or otherwise you can request one here.

ScreenScape for Groups gets a performance boost

ScreenScape is in the final stages of preparing a new application release. The latest release is set to deliver inside of the next few weeks.

What’s in the new release? Join us on September 22 for a sneak peek live webinar, online demonstration and discussion. Don’t miss this opportunity preview upcoming features and ask questions. Next Tuesday, 3PM EDT September 22nd, 2015.

Even if you can’t attend, you may still want to register; we’ll send all registered attendees a link to the recorded video. Meanwhile, here’s an overview of what we’ll be covering in the webinar.

Update September 23, 2015

  • Watch the recorded copy below:


What follows is a general description of the new improvements.

High Volume processing

The latest release from ScreenScape is focused on content management for our high volume users. These users typically manage dozens or hundreds of locations from a central account (we call them ‘Groups’). As we observed our Group users growing in size and success over the past months and years, it became apparent that we needed to develop tools to assist them in getting their work done as efficiently as possible. Group users often process large batches of content data at once, so we expanded our user interface to assist with making that process easier. We also upgraded the performance of our back end services, to handle the higher loads that high volume processes generate.

A single group user action of sending a new playlist to their group members, for example 10 videos to 300 locations, generates a cascade of actions in the background: 3000 playlist updates, 300 player messages, 3000 video downloads, 3000 status reports… behind the scenes it gets busy in a hurry. Our goal is to make that complex set of processes seamless, fast and transparent.

In addition to a faster service with a snappier response time, the benefits of the new release include help with keeping content organized, streamlined publishing steps, and faster member setup.

Organized content

Group users have asked ScreenScape for help in organizing large content libraries. Active ScreenScape users like group managers create new content items every day. Over time their content library can grow to hundreds of items, making it a challenge to keep it all straight. This release responds by introducing the ‘Content Tag’: a flexible, user defined tool that help users organize content items into logical categories.

For example, a user might have a mix of Entertainment, Advertisements and Educational content items, which change from season to season and year to year. As their content list grows over time, keeping everything up to date and making certain that the right items are getting to the right venues can become a real challenge. Some users have solved the problem by creating their own naming conventions for content items (“Entertainment – ACME video 123”). This approach works (sort of) but is limited in its usefulness: naming conventions are inflexible, don’t scale well and are difficult to modify over time.

Create Content Tags

With the new release, group users can create personalized Content Tags that act like folders, or color-coded containers (e.g. tags for “Entertainment”, “Advertisements”, “Educational”, and more). They can create as many tags as needed, change them over time, and assign the same item to as many different tags as makes sense for their work.

The new Content Tags can also be used to perform follow-up actions like publishing, or simply to make ScreenScape content items easier to find and update.

Streamlined publishing

Group users with many venues asked us for help when publishing complex lists of content items. Not only can it get complicated to keep the web of “who gets what” straight – it takes too many steps to complete even simple tasks like “these new videos go to all my venues”. We’ve responded by streamlining the publishing process. It’s now possible to create and save any number of new playlists (aka Content Tags). When you’re ready to publish, you just drag your Content Tag to as many (or as few) venues as needed, in a single step.

Group Publish drag and drop

For example, the manager of a group with 20 members wants to publish 7 new Educational videos to all their venues.
Using the old way, the process was:

  1. Create the 7 new content items
  2. Drag the 7 new items to the first venue.
  3. Drag the 7 new items to the second venue.
  4. Drag the 7 new items to the third venue.
  5. Repeat 17 more times (!!)

Using the new way, the steps are:

  1. Create the 7 new content items
  2. Create 1 new Content Tag called ‘Educational videos’
  3. Drag the 7 new items to ‘Educational videos’
  4. Drag ‘Educational videos’ to ‘My Group’

The new ‘tag to tag’ publishing can save an active group manager hundred of clicks a day, all while making it easier to get the right content to the right screens.

Ordered publishing

Users asked for help in preserving the order of their playlists when publishing many items at once. In many of these cases, publishing was a two step process: first publish the items, then follow-up by reordering the playlist of each of the target venues one by one. This release removes the need for the second step with the introduction of “ordered publishing”.

For example, a user wants to publish a mix of new Entertainment videos and Educational videos, but they want to alternate between the two types: 2 Educational videos shouldn’t play back to back, nor should 2 Entertainment videos play back to back.

  • Under the old way, the user would have to individually re-order the playlists of each venue after publishing.
  • Using the new Content Tags introduced with this release, the user can define a specific order for their videos within a tag. They simply drag and drop the item into a new position on the list, similar to how venues order their playlists. When the tag is published (drag the content tag to a member tag), the published order of the items in the tag is respected. The user is saved the time consuming task of reordering each individual venue playlist after publishing.

When combined with the time saving introduction of tag-to-tag publishing, ordered playlists are a huge efficiency gain for busy group managers.

Faster member setup

It’s often the case that ScreenScape group users are responsible for maintaining multiple venues at the same time. These users have asked us for help in making it easier to complete initial setup steps and everyday maintenance tasks. This release responds with new member actions that help group users maintain venue settings from within their central group account.
Update Logo

For example, one group manager is responsible for keeping all their member logos up to date with the latest brand standards, making sure the member default preferences are properly set, correcting a time zone assignment, or updating member names with a new naming convention.

  • Under the old way, the group manager would have to login to each individual member account and perform the maintenance tasks (e.g. Edit Profile->Edit Logo) one account at a time.
  • Using the Publish tool updated with this release, the group user can select all members and select a single Action (e.g. “Update Member Logo”) to update all members at once, without leaving their central group account.

Member actions aren’t expected to be used every day. But when they’re needed, such as during initial setup of a new group, they’re a huge time saver.

ScreenScape Connect – live event

Introducing ScreenScape Connect – Webinar Wednesdays.

ScreenScape Connect
ScreenScape Connect is the result of a happy marriage of software from ScreenScape and commercial-grade hardware from Dell that together have been optimized from the ground up for a single purpose – to quickly connect your screen to the ScreenScape network and turn it into a simple yet versatile digital sign. Register now for a live 30 minute event held every Wednesday, hosted by our VP, Sales & Marketing – Mark Binns, and get any questions answered you might have about ScreenScape Connect.

Register for a live event now

You can register even if you can not attend and we will send you the link to the recorded video. Please feel free to forward this invitation to a colleague or someone you know who may like to attend.

Join me at Dell’s PTDM IT Summit 2015


Thanks to Dell Canada for a Wonderful event

Wow what a time we had! Thanks to our partners Dell Canada for the warm hospitality and the thought provoking, inspiring discourse which pervaded the entire event.

If you are a Dell customer looking to learn more about ScreenScape Connect here’s a good place to start.


Now online: Watch this recorded copy of Dell Canada President Kevin Peesker’s main stage conversation with ScreenScape Founder, Mark Hemphill.


Introducing ScreenScape Connect, webinar hosted by Mark Binns

Here’s a very quick primer for any business looking to engage audiences inside a place of business.

ScreenScape Connect is the name of a new device-oriented solution developed by ScreenScape in partnership with Dell that turns any TV into a dynamic digital sign. By dramatically lowering the costs and the complexity around the technology ScreenScape Connect has made digital signage easy for businesses of any size, on any budget.

Learn more about ScreenScape Connect, or get started today.

Open online event: ScreenScape & Backman Vidcom

ScreenScape Connect brings Plug and Play to Digital Signage

Here’s your invitation to join Derek Gallant, ScreenScape Networks and Tom Murray, Backman Vidcom on Thursday November 13, 2014 at 10 AM Eastern for a live web event about ScreenScape and how you can quickly and easily create a stunning digital display using ScreenScape Connect.

This 30 minute presentation is an introduction to ScreenScape Connect, an exciting new initiative from ScreenScape. Derek will help you learn how to leverage ScreenScape to increase revenue at your place of business and beyond.

This event is now over.