5 Ways to Lift Sales with ScreenScape Digital Signage


Digital signs can be used for a whole array of purposes but they are probably best known for their role in on premise marketing, cueing customers, and lifting sales. Whether you’re already using ScreenScape or you’re just getting started here are 5 ways to realize the full potential of ScreenScape to help you drive additional revenue.

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A Closer Look at Scheduling in ScreenScape5

Effective digital signage is about sending the right messages to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. Reaching your target audience means having some access to or control over physical screens, yours or that of a partner, that are strategically placed precisely where your core audience is likely to see them. As for making sure that your messages are being received at the right time? That’s where Scheduling comes in.


Fonts For Digital Signage

Fonts for digital signage is part of our How to Design for Digital Signage series that provides tips and ideas on how you can design better, more effective and beautiful screens.