Digital Signage has Never Looked Better – Introducing New Logo Friendly Layouts

This week we are excited to introduce three new “logo-friendly” layouts.  As the name implies a “layout” is an optional playlist feature you can use to apply data-driven graphics to a playlist to give it a structure and format.  When used in combination with a theme a layout can bring a professional branded look and feel to your playlist not unlike what you might see on your favorite 24-hour news network.

Check out this in-depth Media Corner video about the new layouts:

We’re now up to 8 layouts.  To give you a range of options each one is intentionally designed to be quite different from the others.  Many of these layouts feature location-sensitive time, weather or news widgets which add a bit of interest to your display and can help to keep viewers engaged. They are updated dynamically and can be customized to reflect the specific location of each of your screens.

Some examples of the new layouts in use:


Toggle between Hidden Layers to Customize a Template

Just when you think our media editor couldn’t be more flexible we’ve introduced some new templates that demonstrate the power of the “hide layers” feature we introduced last month. Using this feature you can toggle between different design elements, such as background images, that we’ve conveniently built right into the template.  That means we’re able to provide templates that can be quickly customized by non-professionals simply by hiding and unhiding a few layers.

5 ways to use the Sheets app

5 ways to supercharge your digital signs using Google Sheets

1. Single Source

The smooth operation of your business may hinge on certain data being 100% accurate – like a restaurant menu, a price sheet, or Key Performance Indicators. When that information is displayed on your digital signs, it’s critical that it’s current and reliable. Across the board changes on your signage network must be easy to execute and hard to get wrong.

5 ways to use digital signage in a hotel

Progressive hotel managers know that success in the hospitality business is about making the most of each and every guest visit, fostering guest loyalty, and selling more room nights. From the guest’s point of view this means having a productive, memorable, and enjoyable stay each and every time. From the hotel’s point of view it means maximizing guest spend without compromising the guest experience. That’s where digital signage comes in.

Here are our top 5 ways hotel managers can use digital signage to increase revenue.


Save time and achieve higher production values with digital signage templates that are inherently flexible

While some may choose to import media, or create it from scratch, the ScreenScape5 platform includes a wide assortment of digital signage templates, with more being added all the time. For those of you that aren’t design geniuses, you should know a few things about our templates. They are designed to be versatile and easily adapted to your own business needs. Although our templates may use images or text that suggest a specific subject matter, or imply a target industry vertical, they are actually meant to be professionally designed starting points that any user can quickly repurpose for any reason. By giving you a snazzy looking design as a starting point, we’re hoping to help you save time and achieve higher production values. But you can take any template in any direction you want. You can add or remove elements.  You can move elements around the screen. Or you can simply change a few colors to better align with your brand.

Here’s an example that demonstrates just how easy it is to repurpose our templates and make them your own. Even if you don’t want to make sweeping changes, the colors are easily customizable and can be tailored to suit your brand.