Have you uploaded an image to a ScreenScape template with distorted colors looking like the image below and you can’t figure out why?


The answer is simple! The color mode of the image you are using is CYMK [Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Key (printed with Black ink)] instead of RGB mode [Red, Green, Blue]. Images in CMYK mode are used for offset printing, not for television, computer monitors, or digital displays.

You will need to convert the image from CMYK to the RGB color mode, using an editor such as Photoshop, in order to use the image for your ScreenScape Display.


After converting the CMYK image to RGB, it will preview like this:


You can just delete the previous CMYK image used, and upload the new RGB image to your ScreenScape asset library. Save and publish your template and it will appear properly in your ScreenScape Display as shown: