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Creating Media in ScreenScape5

Media Corner is a series of video tutorials for our users who are interested in learning the in’s and out’s of our software.

In this episode we introduce you to the basics of creating media in ScreenScape5.

What is Media?

A selection of media items

Media basically refers to anything you import or anything you create in ScreenScape5 for the purposes of publishing a new message live-to-air on your ScreenScape screen. An individual piece of media is referred to as a media item. Media items can be simple or complex. They are typically comprised of one or more layers of text, images, and video, and can sometimes even include Apps that pull in data from an outside source.

Drag and drop import

If you have ready-made assets like videos or image files that you want to port to your ScreenScape screen you can simply drag and drop them into ScreenScape and a media item will automatically be created for you. On the other hand if you want to start from scratch you can use our built-in media editor.

Built-in Media Editor

It’s your choice if you want to start with a blank canvas, which really is like starting from scratch. But you can also choose from a wide variety of convenient pre-built templates. Our templates give you a professionally designed starting point. They can be used exactly as you find them or they can be adapted and completely rearranged to your liking. Most users will, at the very least, change the images and text to suit their own purposes.

Asset Management

Create Media using ScreenScape Content Management System File Stack Modal

Any asset you import to ScreenScape will automatically be saved in its respective asset library for re-use at some later date. You can use our handy file import tool to connect ScreenScape5 to your favorite data sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook or Instagram, which is convenient if your favorite assets tend to live in another system. You can also browse a ScreenScape-curated media library to find stock assets that might help you to complete or customize your own media.

Media items are assigned to Playlists

Diagram of ScreenScape5 System Overview

Once a media item is ready for publishing all you have to do is add it to a playlist. If that playlist is already paired with a device (a one time set up step) that new media item will immediately be published live-to-air to that device, and all devices that happen to be paired with that playlist.

Keep going!

We hope you enjoy this quick intro to creating media in ScreenScape5. To learn more we suggest you create your own free account. By giving the software a test drive you’ll quickly see that learning ScreenScape is simply a matter of digging in and giving it a try.

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