Following our recent ‘customization’ trend, we’ve now added the ability to custom edit the backgrounds and colors to Playlist themes.

This feature request most often comes up where brand guidelines are in place. Default background images just don’t pass muster.

Our original intent was to add only the ‘background image’ feature. But in further discussion with our community, Image of Custom Background Editingit quickly became apparent that branded font colors also had high value. Again, brand guidelines. Not only that, but many background image choices require font color changes to achieve high visibility and contrast.

If you’re looking to branch out from the defaults in our basic themes, but don’t have a specific wallpaper in mind, check out our ScreenScape image library. (When editing your custom theme, click ‘Add Image->ScreenScape->Photos’ for a wide selection.) All photos in this collection are licensed for customer use.

This feature is available to all users immediately. To access go to the Properties tab on any of your Playlists, new or existing.

Remember if you have any suggestions/ideas for how we can improve our digital signage software please visit