A plug-and-play win in digital signage

Source For Sports helps stores across Canada deliver an easily deployed, customizable digital signage solution powered by ScreenScape and Dell Wyse Cloud Connect.

“Each one of our stores is independently owned by people that live, work and play in the local community,” says Paul La Vigne, the company’s director of marketing. “Every store is unique.” While that uniqueness is a strength for the company, it can also be a big challenge when it comes to deploying corporate marketing or sales initiatives across all 156 stores. “Our stores are not cookie-cutter layouts, so it can be difficult for us to drive marketing messages down to the local level,” La Vigne says.

The organization decided to address the issue a few years ago by introducing their store owners to a digital sign solution from ScreenScape Networks, a company that provides an online service for delivering marketing content to in-store screens. But adoption was neither rapid nor widespread, because the solution required each Source For Sports owner to purchase, set up and manage a television connected to a computer. “The cost was part of it,” says La Vigne. “It was challenging for the stores to purchase a stand-alone computer and a TV, and then hook it all up. And as far as management was concerned, it was overwhelming for a small local store. Our store owners are retailers, not technical specialists.”

Company searches for an easy-to deploy solution

Plug-and-play device transforms in-store displays Source For Sports re engaged with ScreenScape after learning about Wyse Cloud Connect, and a new collaboration between ScreenScape and Dell to optimize the device for digital signage applications. Wyse Cloud Connect is a pocket-size device that plugs into the back of any television or display screen with an HDMI port. The device essentially turns any TV into a digital sign with full HD-display capabilities, and it can be updated, managed and monitored over the internet via ScreenScape software, through ScreenScape.com.

“We looked at a few other solutions, but they weren’t as cost-effective and not nearly as easy to use as Wyse Cloud Connect,” says La Vigne. “And the fact that a large, well-respected brand like Dell was part of this made our decision that much easier.”

Read more about the Dell Case Study here.

With the Wyse Cloud Connect device, Source For Sports store managers can easily transform smart TVs into digital signs in their stores, providing streaming content such as information about sales on sports equipment and local community events. Currently, 50 Source For Sports stores are using the solution, with the remaining stores slated to have the devices in the near future.