It has just been announced that ScreenScape has been recognized by Deloitte as a “Companies-to Watch” Award winner.

We are the first Atlantic Canadian company to receive the distinction. That’s amazing in itself given all the wonderful talent in the region and its recent string of IT success stories.

We’ve worked very hard over the past two years to build ScreenScape into a global leader with a technology advantage in the rapidly growing area that we call Place-Based Marketing. So, as a team we are proud to be recognized for our efforts by the pre-eminent technology awards program in Canada.

Deloitte recognizes the uniqueness of our approach to place-based-media – making it easier, more powerful, and more cost-effective. Here’s what National Leader, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Group, Richard Lee, had to say about ScreenScape

“Screenscape has quickly distinguished itself for its innovative technology and entrepreneurship and this award recognizes its potential as a future leader in the Canadian technology industry.”

We are excited by what lies ahead. We believe that the power of place-based-media is a currency for those that know how to use it effectively and that power is going to continue to grow steadily as consumers become more mobile and more connected. As more and more businesses discover ScreenScape and use it to engage customers where it matters most, the collective marketing opportunities enabled through the ScreenScape Community will become greater and more interesting.

Thank you Deloitte for recognizing our work! We are just getting started.

See the full Deloitte press release here.