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Digital Signage Examples in Different Settings

May 4, 2017


Need help visualizing how digital signage might look like in your place of business?┬áHere is a collection of digital signage examples we’ve put together to see how they can be used in various settings.

Food & Beverage
Showcase: your menu, specials of the day, new food items, promotions

Cafe with digital signage promoting product

Showcase: your products and services, special deals, automotive videos

Auto Shop promoting tire sale

Showcase: educational material on vaccines, flu shots, vitamins, or seasonal products / services

Pharmacy showing specials on their digital signage

Showcase: sales, special deals, new or current products, company initiatives, product guides

Retail store promoting new collection on their digital signage

Showcase: services, internal communications, company events or performance, employee recognition

Office using their digital signage to keep employees informed on the latest sales statistics

Showcase: sales, special deals, new or current products, services, social media, customer before and after pictures

Hair salon using their digital signage to promote hair care products