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Digital Signage for Internal Communications: Messages That Will Actually Get Read

ScreenScape Digital Signage is Perfect for Internal Communications

“The communications gap within institutions has been widening steadily — to the point where it threatens to become an unbridgeable gulf of total misunderstanding.”
~ Peter Drucker

Let’s face it email can be the bane of an employee’s existence. Email overload is real. It cuts into productivity. A poorly written email can be misread, and a well written email can be easily missed. Perhaps that’s why it’s not surprising when the boss hears from an employee they “didn’t get the memo”.

But what’s a company to do? Organizational alignment is critical, and to foster a stronger alignment, information needs to be shared, of course. You still need the team to focus on key performance indicators (KPIs). You still need to remind employees about policy changes and safety requirements. You still want to engage your employees and develop an awesome company culture, but if not through email, how?

Here are some sample ScreenScape Internal Communications screens for inspiration

In the Right Place, At the Right Time

For progressive companies, digital signage is becoming a big part of the solution. Due to its unique characteristics, digital signage is proving to be an especially effective platform for internal communications. Digital signs are placed in strategic locations that map to those places within your organization where employees dwell. Where email interrupts what you’re doing, and can target you outside of work, digital signs provide a contextually relevant opportunity to communicate tactfully to your staff in the right place and at the right time.

Convenience & Control

Digital signs add a modern professional feel to any workspace, and they can be installed just about anywhere your employees congregate: lunchrooms, conference rooms, hallways, and lounge areas. When you put up a slide on your digital sign about the latest update to your company insurance plan, you can rest assured that it’s not going to get lost among all the ads for the little blue pill or kitten video forwards from your mother.

Company Culture

Digital signs don’t have to be all business all the time. Post those pictures from the recent office party. Play some trivia. Show your community support by highlighting some of the volunteer work that the team has been doing. Show your gag video. Make them fun.

Here are some other ideas for digital signage internal communications uses:

  • Upcoming events bulletin board
  • Human resources messaging
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Sales goals success tracking
  • Support call stats and wait times
  • Lobby signage and way finding
  • Display current events, photos, local news, and weather
  • Community support, not for profit showcase
  • Inform employees about upcoming events, assemblies, and awards ceremonies
  • Deliver emergency alerts and public safety information


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