We couldn’t be more pleased to see so many banks and credit unions using ScreenScape to power their inbranch media. It wasn’t long ago that you could visit the lobby of your neighbourhood credit union and you’d expect to be entertained by cable television. When banks use conventional television programming to keep their visitors occupied they are missing a great opportunity to engage their members with timely and relevant messages which might then lead to interesting and worthwhile conversations inside the branch.

What has changed? Well, the technology has gotten much better and much more cost-effective! ScreenScape Connect offers a simple plug & play solution that can now turn any TV into a dynamic digital sign that anyone can program. Plus, at $40 per device per month, the nominal cost to operate a large scale network can now fit within almost any budget.

In this short video you can catch a glimpse of how our friends at CFF Bank are using ScreenScape Connect today.