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Digital Signage is a more hygienic alternative to print

Digital Signage: The Hygienic Alternative to Print

April 16, 2020


Image of people shopping with Covid19 messaging playing on tv

Touchless Visual Communications is Now More Important Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has everybody thinking about hygiene and the spread of disease. Many businesses have even stopped accepting cash over fears of spreading the virus. While health and safety messaging has never been more important, it’s now clear that printed posters and brochures are, at least for the time being, no longer safe methods of disseminating information.

Digital signage offers a greener, more hygienic alternative to print. Whether you are one of the essential institutions remaining open, or a business that is trying to get back to business, now is the time to reassure your customers (or your employees) that you are taking every necessary precaution to ensure their safety. Welcome to the new normal. Choose ScreenScape digital signage for a cost-effective and smart way to engage with your audience, safely.

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