ScreenScape Networks will be attending the TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 conference in NYC next week, May 24-26.

Celebrating Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is the theme of these events – how new technologies and business models combine to overturn the status quo in established industries. IMHO, that’s exactly the role venue networking is playing in the Digital Signage industry.

Turning Change in Opportunity

If you’ve ever read a post over at TechCrunch, you’re already familiar with the brand of geek speak, techie trash talk, and no-holds-barred commentary we expect to see going around at Disrupt. The event will be jam packed with entrepreneurs, technologists, and VC-types all looking to collaborate, learn and “borrow” whatever they can from their potential partners and competitors. The technogeek/entrepreneur sub-culture is fast paced, whip smart, and not at all gentle with the weaker members of its herd. But that’s ok… that’s how we like it. 🙂

Myself and ScreenScape’s founder, Mark Hemphill, will be showing the SSN wares Monday thru Wednesday in Disrupt’s “StartUp Alley”.

Should be a great week.