Even though we now have offices in Toronto, Dallas, and most recently Los Angeles, ScreenScape is proud to have deep roots in Atlantic Canada.

The recent achievements of several East Coast companies are proof that the region is more than just an outpost in the global tech community.

The acquisition of Radian6 earlier this year is a leading example of recent East Coast IT success. Radian6 is a social media monitoring platform for marketing and customer support professionals. In five short years it grew to over 300 employees and more than 2700 customers. In what has been called a deal for the ages Radian6 was purchased by Salesforce, the customer relationship management platform giant, in March 2011.

Another recent example of a successful Atlantic Canadian IT company is Q1 Labs, a provider of security intelligence software. Founded in 2000 in Fredericton, NB, Q1 Labs was acquired by IBM in October 2011 to become part of IBM’s newly created Security Systems Division.

ScreenScape is lucky to count among its board of directors the man who has been called the patron saint of the Atlantic technology community, Gerry Pond. Gerry was an early advisor and investor in both of these successful companies and we believe that Gerry has brought his good fortune with him to ScreenScape. We know he has good taste!

Certainly, growing a successful tech company from a base on the East Coast is no easy feat. But it’s also not a new phenomenon. The region saw several high profile exits in the 2000’s including the acquisitions of Spheric Technologies, Spielo Gaming, and InfoInterActive. Nor is it as rare or as regionally concentrated as you might imagine. For example, here in Charlottetown, only recently, Cogsdale, On-line Support and Bight Games also got picked up.

In fact there are many technology companies that are thriving here on the East Coast – some more quietly than others. And for every well known success story there are probably dozens more young startups that are building or getting closer to being ready to make their big move.

These and other recent success stories demonstrate that when it comes to the global tech community Atlantic Canada is much more than simply “on the map”. We have a long way to go to catch up with the heavyweights, yes. But when you look at these success stories, and reflect both on our population and the number of people from the region that have become leaders in the industry, you’ll see that the region actually punches way above its weight class. We believe in the talent and the determination of the people in this part of the world and we know we are capitalizing on it here at ScreenScape!

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