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First Time and Date Powered Templates added to ScreenScape5

If you’re paying close attention you know we’ve started introducing our first Apps. Apps are a unique kind of Media layer. What makes them special is they’re dynamic. They pull their data from an outside source which can change over time. This built-in automation makes digital signs more useful, while at the same time making them more interesting and easier to maintain.

Watch the video for a quick demonstration of Time and Date Apps in action, and read on to learn more about how these apps can be used in your own designs.

Because Apps are essentially a special kind of Media layer they can easily be incorporated into Media items. That means each App can take advantage of the Layer Styles built in to our Media Editor that add professional design elements and allow users to customize the look and feel of the data the app produces. This is handy for properly formatting your media for a large format display.

As simple as they are time and date apps have many use cases. They can be used to add the current date or time to any media item. They can be used to countdown to an event or important day, or count up from a particular day, which can be used, for example, in a days since last accident report. Time and date apps are easy to use and as Media layers they can be used with any existing design to add a dynamic element.

As a special kind of Media layer apps can also be incorporated into our templates which are like professionally-designed starting points to help speed up and simplify the creative process – especially handy for non-designers. This week we rolled out the first templates to employ these apps. Sign up to ScreenScape5 and check them out!