With the launch of ScreenScape.com comes a change in the way we utilize Flash. ScreenScape.com is designed to take advantage of hardware acceleration capabilities which were made a standard with the release of Flash version 10.3.

Flash hardware acceleration enables the use of your computer’s graphics card to deliver video and images in high quality, faster than Flash can alone. By default hardware acceleration is turned on in Flash versions 10.3 and above.

ScreenScape customers making the transition from ScreenScape.net to ScreenScape.com should note that optimization of a player for use on ScreenScape.net included disabling hardware acceleration. Ensuring that it is enabled will greatly improve your display’s performance on ScreenScape.com.

Hardware acceleration can be enabled by right-clicking on a Flash item in your browser and selecting ‘Settings’. Check ‘Enable hardware acceleration’ and you’re done!

For Flash hardware acceleration to work you will require DirectX version 9 or higher and 128MB of RAM, minimum. Check the ScreenScape hardware requirements to ensure that your display meets the minimum specifications for ScreenScape and supports hardware acceleration. Flash version 10.3 or higher is required for ScreenScape.com. Keeping your Flash up to date with the latest version is a vital component of maintaining a highly effective display!