Screen displays are playing an important role in location-based media.

ScreenScape now has its very own brand page on Follow us on foursquare to unlock ScreenScape-flavored tips every time you check-in to a ScreenScape venue using foursquare. We look forward to working with the people who make foursquare to incorporate ScreenScape into the actual game mechanics of foursquare.

Venue Managers: Get started with ScreenScape

Increasingly, screen displays are playing an important role in location-based media by establishing a physical presence inside of the venue and presenting to users a dynamic system of visual cues.

If you are the manager of a venue and would like to get the most out your foursquare campaigns we invite you to get started with ScreenScape today.

Already a member of ScreenScape? Claim your venue on foursquare

If you are a member of ScreenScape and have not claimed your venue on foursquare, we encourage you to do so soon so that you can start exploring creative ways to use ScreenScape and foursquare together to engage with your customers and ultimately drive more sales.

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