Over the weekend ScreenScape released a set of features that included version 1 of a new foursquare widget. Fitting in among the videos and slides that might comprise your entire playlist, our foursquare widget pulls real time data from foursquare’s API and presents it on a ScreenScape-powered screen display inside your venue.

We believe a ScreenScape-powered display can be used as a great complement to the kind of marketing outreach that foursquare generates. A ScreenScape-powered display helps foursquare venues to welcome members of foursquare to their venue and to promote foursquare specials on location. For a deeper explanation of our foursquare widget go here and to see a sample display that is using our foursquare widget go here.

To mark the arrival of our new foursquare widget, for a limited time only, we would like to offer all foursquare venues a 30-day free trial of ScreenScape. To take us up on this offer please friend our foursquare account and we’ll send you a personalized invite to join ScreenScape.

Watch this blog for further updates as we drill down into the many uses cases where a ScreenScape-powered display can play a critical role in completing the retail marketing eco-system that foursquare creates.