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Contactless delivery options are popular during this time of crisis. Use these contactless delivery templates for your digital signage to create awareness of your presence on these platforms.

Give These Contactless Delivery Templates a Try

January 5, 2021


Thanks to COVID-19, contactless delivery has gone mainstream. In solidarity with the food and beverage industry, today we are releasing 5 new pre-styled digital signage templates that make promoting your contactless delivery service a breeze.

Image showing our contactless delivery option digital signage templates

As always, these templates are easily edited to suit your needs so go ahead and let your imagination run wild. Simply add your logo, change the text, and add a new image from our Curated-Asset-Library.

Here are some great resources for free images: Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay

All of our templates can be found in Media Manager. Want to see more of our digital signage templates? Here’s some more recent additions.

Check out the Media Corner video:

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